Weird Scholarships For Girls

Unusual Scholarships for GirlsFinding the financial support that you need to pay for college is difficult.  If you are a girl, there are some advantages when it comes to scholarships.  While there are plenty of scholarships for girls that are based on normal things like athletics and sports, various accomplishments and certain abilities, there are also some weird scholarships for girls that require the applicants to have some unique prerequisites.  A lot of the more unusual scholarships for girls require the applicants to have something that most people do not actually have, so being unique and a girl is an extra bonus when it comes to weird scholarships for girls.

Weird Scholarships For Girls Regarding Genetics

Among the weird scholarships for girls, there are a number of scholarships that require the applicants to have something that would be determined by their genes.  Some of these weird scholarships for girls require the applicants to have a certain height or a special kind of sibling, but there are many more weird scholarships for girls that have other genetic requirements.

Wilson College, which is located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is one of many colleges that offer discounts for being a twin.  The catch to getting that discount on college tuition at Wilson College is that you must both be girls and you must both enroll as students at Wilson College.  Various colleges offer discounts for twins, but a lot of those colleges do require that both twins be enrolled as students at their school.

Among the weird scholarships for girls are those that require their applicants to be a certain height.  The Tall Clubs International Scholarship is available to girls who are five feet ten inches or taller.  Those tall girls that win this scholarship are awarded five hundred dollars of scholarship money to use for their college education.  The Little People of America Association offers scholarships to women who are less than four feet ten inches tall and are able to provide medical documentation of dwarfism.  They also allow those who have a sibling who is classified as a dwarf to apply for their scholarships as well.  These weird scholarships for girls range from two hundred fifty dollars to one thousand dollars.

Weird Scholarships For Girls Regarding What You Like

Girls who are into something that is unusual for girls can actually get scholarships based on their likes.  A listing of weird scholarships for girls would not be complete without mentioning that there is a scholarship available for girls who like bugs.  The Lafointaine Aquatic Etymology Scholarship rewards one bug loving girl with a five hundred dollar scholarship each year.

Weird Scholarships For Girls Regarding Things You Don’t Do Or Have

When you are looking for scholarships, don’t forget to look at the things that you don’t do and the things that you don’t have as a way of becoming eligible for a scholarship.  Among these weird scholarships for girls is the Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship which is for girls attending Bucknell University of California who do not play any sports.  If you do play sports, you may want to look at other things that you might not have to do not do.  The Alice Carver Ratchford Scholarship for Girls has some interesting requirements.  To be eligible for this weird scholarship for girls, you must live in the dorms, have little money, you must not have a car, have never been married and have no other scholarships.  If you match this profile and you are attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, than you may be able to apply for this scholarship.

Weird scholarships for girls are everywhere.  It is no surprise that there are so many diverse and unique opportunities for girls considering how different girls can be from one another.  Make sure you look into everything when you are trying to find unusual scholarships for girls because sometimes it’s the unique things about girls that make them eligible for additional college funding and financial help.