Weird College Scholarships

Unusual ScholarshipsWeird college scholarships are pretty common.  These weird college scholarships may require you to do something unusual to win a competition or you may be required to demonstrate an unusual talent that you have.  No matter what you have to do to get them, if you win one of the weird scholarships that are out there, you will be rewarded with scholarship money that will help you pay for your college education.  College tuition is something that constantly goes up in price, so the competition to win scholarship money can be steep.  That competition has lead to some companies and organizations offering some very creative and silly ways to win the scholarship money they have to offer.


Weird College Scholarships For Using Duct Tape

If you are a fan of duct tape and you have a creative mind, you may be able to win some college scholarship money with one of the weird college scholarships.  The Stuck On Prom competition from Duck Brand, a manufacturer duct tape, challenges students to create the outfits they wear to their prom out of duct tape.  The students who participate in the competition are given a supply of various kinds of tape to use when they make their creations.  The award is a six thousand dollar scholarship for the winning couple.  That means that both the girl and the guy need to construct their prom outfits from the duct tape they were given.  This is obviously one of the weird college scholarships that are available but it could also be a lot of fun.

Weird College Scholarships For Reading Certain Books

There are some weird college scholarships that require the applicants to read certain books and then write an essay about the book.  One of these weird scholarships is the Ayn Rand Institute Scholarship.  This scholarship requires the applicants to read The Fountainhead which is a book written by Ayn Rand and then write an essay about the book.  The essays are judged and the winner receives a ten thousand dollar scholarship.  How often can you win ten thousand dollars for reading a book?  If you haven’t read this book yet, you might want to consider doing so.

Weird College Scholarships For Recipes

Although you may need to plan ahead for some scholarships, one of the weird scholarships that may be worth planning ahead for is the Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest.  The winner of this contest gets a twenty-five thousand dollar college fund.  The only catch to this one is that the contest is available to children between the ages of six and twelve years old.  It does make sense that the competition is for that age group due to the fact that peanut butter sandwiches are extremely popular with that age group.

The weird college scholarships that are mentioned above are obviously not the only weird college scholarships available, but they do show some good examples of weird college scholarships that involve something that you would not think you would be able to get a scholarship for.  There are a wide variety of weird college scholarships available in the United States.  Some of those scholarships may require you to draw something, compete in a competition, develop a new method for a task or even read something that most people do not.  Regardless of the task that you are asked to do, all of these weird college scholarships have one thing in common, money to help you pay for your college education.  That money is something that most people could use to help pay for their tuition and it is almost always a significant amount.