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Personal Vision Statement ExamplesThe importance of a vision concept for a company or organization can never be overstated. The direction of a company or organization clearly rest upon the leadership’s ability to motivate and guide their people from start to finish. This all starts with the vision or end goal. One of the good things about creating a vision proposition for an organization is that they are sometimes duplicative and can be used throughout departments, by making minor adjustments to the basic concepts and molding it to the particular function of that particular department.

What is a vision statement?

Simply put, the vision is the overall idea or concept that tells the leadership what the company or organization wants to look like in the future. This is the defining factor of the goals, mission, or plan of operations. Based on what the company or organization wants to look like in the future, they are able to draw up strategic plans to help them get their. Using the vision statement as an objective point, they can gage whether or not they are on the right track.

As it stands, vision statements are not just for companies, but for individuals who want to get from point “A” to point “B” in their life or career. This also can be done by using the concept of a proper vision. There are various examples of how vision statements can look for the individual and for the company. A few of them will be stated in the following article as an example as to what they could possibly look like for both.

Personal Vision Statement Examples

• Within ten years, XYZ Corporation will be the number one food distribution company in the Midwest area serving the inner city.

• James & Talbot will increase their consulting market share in the DC metro area to 25% by the end of the second quarter in year three.

• Jakarta’s Restaurant will be rated as the number one Thai cuisine in the Southeastern United States by the fifth year of operations, and will have 50 restaurants open.

• Our ice cream shop will increase customer traffic by 31% during the third and forth quarter of this year, closing the year with a 20% increase in sales revenue.

Personal vision statement examples

• I will earn my bachelors degree within 5 years and give myself the opportunity to increase my earning potential.

• To increase my employability by adding one new skill set to my resume each year.

• I plan to come to work consistently, take extra training, and make myself more marketable for promotions.

• I will live a freer and clear life, removing obstacles to my success, and increasing opportunity by networking more strategically.

In both sets, vision statement samples and personal vision statement samples, the direct approach to creating a vision is used. It is better to use very direct language when setting a vision, because this will make goal setting and planning much easier to do. The problem with most vision statements of yester-year is that they did not offer much specific direction, but rather a range of directions. Today, companies that create, plan, and stick to a very strategic vision, finds that they outlast other companies and organizations in bad times, and they out-pace them in good times.

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