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UC Personal Statement ExamplesA UC personal statement is a personal statement written and submitted to the University of California as a part of your application process. The purpose of the statement is to tell the university about yourself and what you want them to understand about you. When writing your UC personal statement keep in mind that loan and scholarship officers will be reading your statement so you want to make sure you give them an honest reason to want to award you funding. A good personal statement should include your goals, dreams, life experiences, and inspirations. Make sure you are as transparent as possible and keep a sincere tone in your statement.

UC Personal Statement Examples

Applicants will be given a UC personal statement prompt in which they are to use a guide to write their personal statement. For example, a freshman would be given a prompt to write about where they come and how their environment has influenced their goals and dreams. An example of a freshman personal statement would begin with, “My name is Jane Doe. I am currently a high school graduate seeking to be accepted as freshman at the University of California. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class. I served as the study body president my senior year as well as vice president of the Future Business Leaders of America chapter at my school. I have always had strong leadership skills which run deep in my family history.” This is just a sample introduction of a personal statement. After identifying strong skills and accomplishments, you should proceed in discussing how your environment has shaped you as a person.

The above personal statement is a great example for any freshman applying to the University of California because it paints a picture of who you are, how you have developed over time, and what your future goals will be. You also want to include at some point in your statement how you feel the University of California can help you in your journey as well as what you have to offer as an asset to the university. Remember to proofread your personal statement, answer questions clearly, reflect on your essay, have someone else read it, be honest, and check to make sure you have met the required word count. A University of California Personal Statement does not have to be difficult especially if you truly have a desire to attend their prestigious university. If you have any questions or need helping writing your personal statement, there are representative standing by that can help you submit the best possible statement to ensure the university understands who you are and what you can become as one of their prospective students.

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