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Many Twitter users like to make use of Twitter trending topics. Twitter trending topics lists is a list of popular topics on Twitter that the majority of people are talking about on the Twitter website. Once a new topic comes to the forefront of the Twitter subjects, it will be added to a Twitter trending topics list.

Trending Topics on TwitterTwitter is used by millions of people and it is used for a variety of reasons. Some people may use Twitter to simply stay connected with their friends and family, while others may use it to promote their business, website, blog, or band. No matter what a person users Twitter for, it can be a great way to network and spread the word of your business around the internet world.

This can also be helpful for users who are looking to find information or various feedback about a specific topic such as a new electronic or a movie. This makes it easy for them to find out what the latest feedback is regarding the product or subject that they are looking for.

Using Trending Topics on Twitter For Marketing

Many people use these trending topics to catch the attention of other Twitter uses while they promote their business. One way that people do this is by adding a hashtag, also known as a number sign or # in front of the a topic name. An example is: #TwoThingsThatDontMix or #Ross. Then when a user searches for that topic, any and all Tweets sent out with the hashtag included will show up in their search results. It also gives users the choice of clicking on the hashtag link and follow other conversations around the same topic. Typically, a list of the latest trending topics is posted on the homepage of Twitter, grabbing user’s attention as soon as they log on. Many businesses use trending topics on Twitter to reach an audience outside of just their own followers by doing a search for “Trending Topics Twitter”, giving them a plethora of websites that will supply them with the biggest trending topics on Twitter.

Rules For Using Twitter Trending Topics

Despite businesses using a Twitter trending topics list, Twitter does have rules set in place so that users don’t abuse the topics or the use of hashtags. Some of the rules include things such as repeatedly using the same hashtag without having anything in your tweet that pertains to the subject, or posting a misleading link. Twitter wants to ensure that users are using the hashtags for genuine tweets.

The hashtags that were used as an example (#TwoThingsThatDontMix) are the most current trending topics at this moment. When users want to chat about two things that don’t mix, they simply tweet about it using the hashtag so that everyone else that is talking about it, can read their input as well and respond back to them.

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