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Writing a college essay is required when applying to college and it can be the hardest thing you will ever write. By writing an excellent essay, you will increase your chances of gaining admission to the college of your choice. When writing your essay keep in mind two things, a) you are trying to persuade the admissions officer that you are what they are looking for, and b) to show that you are more than a transcript and standard test scores, that you are a real and intriguing person.

There is no definite method to writing a college essay, so no two essays will ever be the same. But here some tips for writing a college essay that will help anyone write a good essay.

1.      Be sure to answer the question that is asked. Of all the tips that are listed here, this is the most important one. You can write the best essay there is, but if you don’t answer their question, they will reject you.

2.      Make sure your essay is original. Even the most boring topic can be made interesting if a creative approach is taken. Be specific in what you write, instead of “a long time” perhaps use the specific time that you spent.

3.      Be yourself when writing your essay, admissions officers want to know about you and your abilities. Write about something you are very passionate about, and write about your feelings rather than your actions. Keep your essay on a more personal level, use things that have happened directly to you.

4.      Keep the vocabulary simple; don’t try to use big words to make your essay sound sophisticated. The use of big words is ok, but use them in context.

5.      The most time should be spent on the introduction part of your essay. Admissions officers usually only spend about 1 to 3 minutes reading each essay, so you need to grab their attention from the beginning. And do not summarize your introduction. If you summarize the introduction, why would the officer need to read the rest?

6.      The body paragraphs must connect back to the introduction. Be creative but make sure everything flows.

7.      Revise your essay. You are only given 500 words so use them carefully. Make sure you have corrected all grammatical and spelling errors there may be.

8.      Have someone else proofread and edit your essay. A fresh pair of eyes can find things that you may have missed.

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