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Teacher Resume ExamplesWriting a Good Teacher Resume
A teacher resume is intended to emphasize the most important aspects of one’s career. It is a clear, concise means of putting the education, experience and expertise of an educator into a one-page neatly divided presentation. It is very important to have a good heading that boldly highlights the name of the teacher followed by a dividing line of some sort with address and telephone number where the potential employer can reach the candidate for an interview.
Getting an interview is the goal of the resume. All contact information therefore must be up-front and center. Keep in mind that employers receive several resumes, sometimes hundreds at a time for any one position to be filled. They have little time to sift through wordy, lengthy paragraphs. It follows then that all information should be condensed to fit into the one-page format. The resume also must represent the professionalism and competence of the incumbent. Therefore, spelling errors or grammar issues are unacceptable and must be avoided.

Teacher Resume Examples

Jane Teaches the World
302 Main Dallas, Texas (XXX)XXX-XXXX


University of XXXXX
Concentration: Education; Elementary
Bachelor of Science in Education, December 1991

XXXXXX University
Concentration: Education; Special Education
Master of Education, May 2006

University of Texas at XXXXXX
Concentration: Spanish


TEACHER 2002-2005
XXXXXX Independent School District
Math Initiative team member; wrote scope and sequence
and curriculum for all High School Resource Math classes.

TEACHER 1999-2002
XXXXXXX Independent School District
Represented campus on Special Education Review
Committee; participated in ARD process.


*Bilingual English/Spanish
*AVID trained
*Scope and sequence and curriculum writing

*Certified in Generic Special Education, Pre-K through 12

References available upon request.

The example included can be centered and customized using different font and bold print to emphasize key areas of interest. This sample is a good one because it provides clear topics with the use of bullets to clarify and simplify main points. The employer can scan this resume with ease. The eye of the employer should be able to review the resume and quickly glean the most important information about the incumbent efficiently and effectively. There should be a pleasant flow of information from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. After the heading, the rest of the resume should be divided into subtitles.
The educator should list all collegiate institutions pertinent to the position being applied for. It is always good to add an educational concentration so that the employer can see the teacher’s academic areas of expertise or knowledge. Next, the educator would list all relevant experience with a short explanation of responsibilities and offices held while employed. Any accomplishments can and should be highlighted at this point. Lastly, the educator can include a category that highlights the skills that the incumbent possesses. At the bottom of the page in fine print is the explanation of certification area (s).

This sample can be used to create a substitute teacher resume or for any other educational position one wishes to apply for. Also, remember to include a personalized cover letter with every resume submission. Good luck in pursuing your educational career.

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