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teacher cover letter sampleTeachers do not always stay at one school throughout their educational career. This means applying and interviewing for new school districts. One requirement for this process includes a teacher cover letter. A good teacher cover letter will set applicants apart from the rest of the candidates. It must be brief yet show an indication of research into the hiring school district. It should cover the highlights of the applicant’s career so far as well. It must also include the abilities and the focus of study the applicant possesses, including what type of pedagogy the applicant can bring to the school district.These should be in their own sections of the letter. The letter should also limit content to three (3) to four (4) paragraphs. Towards the end of the cover letter, it may include contact information and the best way to get a hold of the applicant as well as the time to contact the applicant. It is also to important not to repeat too much information from the resume, which should speak for itself. For best results, use active voice for word conservation.

Teacher Cover Letter Examples:

A school is an place of learning for society, yet it must provide for the individual. With the requirements students, teachers, and schools as a whole must make each year, there is not much room for failure. I believe each student matters, and with that philosophy, I am ready to bring success with me to your school district.

While teaching high school Language Arts the last three years at John Smith High School, I was nominated as “Teacher of the Year” for the school district from a panel of my peers. Part of my teaching method derives from making each lesson count to each student in some way. This results in higher success rates with tests scores, graduation, and success beyond high school.

I am certified 7-12 and have had experience with each age group. Apart from my teaching duties, I have also served on the Professional Development Committee, the Student Improvement Committee, and coached volleyball for two years. Students must see teachers in their lives outside of the classroom as well, and I was visible at countless school-related activities as well as community functions.

I would like the opportunity to work with students and teachers alike at this school district. Not only are schools and teachers the leaders of a classroom, but we also provide tools for students to become the new leaders of our future.

In the above sample teacher cover letter, it broke down the applicant’s abilities and experiences. The applicant’s philosophy of teaching is in the first paragraph. The level of expectation and success the applicant has found is in the second paragraph. The other duties and experiences that make the applicant look more attractive is in the third paragraph. Finally the goal of the applicant is in the last paragraph. Active voice makes the letter sound energetic and ready to work. It also says the same information in fewer words, making the message clear to those fielding the applicants.

Other cover letter examples for teachers may look different, but they are in essence the same. Cover letters are necessary to grab someone’s attention in the simplest way possible.

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