Study Abroad Scholarships

If a student has always wanted to study abroad, there are programs that pay for tuition to study abroad. Whether they want to spend just one year as a foreign exchange student, or want to do all of their college studies in a foreign country, there is Study Abroad Scholarship available to them.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a study abroad scholarship that awards tuition for students that are eligible for Pell Grants. These scholarships are usually intended for students that want to study in countries other than Australia and Western Europe. The average amount awarded to students with these scholarships is $4,000.

If your area of study is in a language that is considered critical need (Arabic, Russian, and Chinese), then you may be eligible for an additional $3,000 from the Study Abroad Program Scholarship Foundation.

Another study abroad scholarship is the National Security Education Program’s Boren Awards for International Study. This helps both undergraduate and graduate study abroad students that are interested in studying in countries and majors that are critical to US interests.

The Language Flagship Fellowships are awarded to graduate students who have completed their undergraduate degree the year following the scholarship award. And they must show proficiency in the foreign language in which they intend on studying. You cannot be approved for this scholarship if you are employed by the US government.

There are some strict rules when it comes to the Flagship scholarships. The student must study for one year in the US and then one year studying abroad. They are expected to put all of their effort into the study abroad fellowship, and not work on any other part of their degree. And these study abroad scholarships cannot be combined with any other scholarships or grants.

There are various other scholarships available. It is best to talk to the college or high school financial aid office in order to find out more information as to what is available.