Strange College Scholarships

Unusual College ScholarshipsA college education can be expensive.  There are many ways to help pay for your college education.  Scholarships are one of the ways that you can raise the money that you need.  The best part of using scholarships to help pay for your college education is that they do not have to be paid back.  The only challenge you face with using scholarship money is the challenge of winning the scholarship.  Fortunately, there are all kinds of strange college scholarships that have all kinds of requirements that are designed to reduce the number of people who can apply for the money.  Even if you do not participate in any sports or other activities that are common for earning scholarships, there is still hope.  There are a number of strange scholarships that you may be able to apply for.

Strange Scholarships Regarding Your Genetics

There are two scholarships that have height requirements for the applicants as well as some strange scholarships that have requirements other than height that would be determined by your genes.  If you are an average height, then you likely will not be able to apply for one of them.  However, if you are exceptionally tall or unusually short, than this may be your lucky day.

Although it is an unusual requirement, being exceptionally tall could earn you one of the strange college scholarships that are out there today.  The Tall Clubs International Scholarship requires male applicants to be over six feet two inches tall and female applicants to be over five feet ten inches tall.  Aside from the height requirement for these strange scholarships, the applicants must also be under twenty-one years old and attending their first year of college to be able to apply for this one thousand dollar scholarship.

If you are the opposite of tall and very short, than there is another opportunity for you.  Another of the strange scholarships is the Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship which requires all applicants to be less than four feet ten inches tall.  Applicants for the Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship are required to provide medical documentation showing proof of dwarfism.

Another of the strange scholarships that has a requirement that would be determined by your gene pool is the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship.  This scholarship requires that all of the applicants be left handed and is available to students who will be attending school at Juniata College.  Growing up and functioning as a left-handed person definitely has its challenges because most things are designed for right handed people.  After all of those years dealing with this discrepancy, if you are left-handed, you are finally at an advantage for something over all of the right-handed people.

Strange College Scholarships Regarding Your Name

There are many strange college scholarships that have requirements about the last name of the applicants.  Some of these scholarships are only available for certain colleges and universities, but if you have the last name they are looking for and the college is one that you are considering, you may want to try for the money that these strange scholarships offer.

For those with the last name Van Valkenburg, or a slight variation of this last name, there is the Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship offers one thousand dollars to winning applicants.  There is a listing of acceptable variations of this last name available on the website in case you are not sure of your last name is close enough to this particular name to make you eligible to apply.

Those planning to attend Texas A&M University who also have the last name Scarpinato through birth or marriage could be eligible for one of these strange scholarships that pay the full cost of the student’s tuition.  Other college specific and last name specific strange scholarships include The John Gatling Grant for having the last name Gatling and attending North Carolina State University and the scholarship at Loyola College for catholic students who have the last name Zolp.  Harvard University has a number of scholarships available that require a student to have a particular last name.  The last names that could earn you a scholarship at Harvard include Hudson, Bright, Downer and Thayer.