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Sociology is defined as the study of human growth and interaction within a society. The study of sociology was founded in the United States shortly after the Industrial Revolution. In the years following this period of history, there was a fundamental shift in the way Americans began to live. At the time, there were no real social sciences to explain this drastic shift in American society. Sociologists are individuals tasked with explaining sociology using the scientific method. Issues such as population density, economic inequalities, and ethnic classification are all considered sociology topics. Sociologists consider these concepts to be paramount within their field.

Sociology topics are not only questions to explain human behavior, but are attempts to explain the process of socialization. Socialization is the process by which human beings absorb their culture’s accepted behavior. This process also helps each person conform to the society in which he or she inhabits. There are many other concepts to sociology; however we will only examine useful sociology research topics.

Marriage as an Aspect of Social Control

When searching for sociology paper topics, few people realize just how much of our daily lives can be studied in sociology. For example, look at the concept of marriage as it pertains to socialization. Marriage within our modern society is a hotly debated topic. Perhaps the reason is because marriage has been used a social control for centuries. If one decided to use marriage as one of many sociology research paper topics, he or she would find a wealth of information.

Religion as an Agent of Socialization

Religion has been found in human cultures since our earliest records. Thanks to new scientific technology and recent discoveries; religion has been unearthed in societies older than the Egyptians. This has powerful meaning in the field of sociology. Sociologists have been studying the effects of religion on society for some time now. They can now look back and understand how this concept of “higher than oneself” has shaped the development of human cultures around the world. Social topics similar to this one would be very interesting to research.

Factors that Affect Infant Mortality in Non-Industrialized Countries

While this idea might seem better suited for a medical student, one might find sociological reasons play a much larger role than administration of medical services. In fact, sociology research topics have shown this to be the case. It is the lack of cultural development that inhibits modern medicine from entering these impoverished nations. Of course, there are other sociological factors, such as religious philosophy, that can have a profound effect on infant mortality. Any of the factors dealing with the concept above could be used in conjunction with other sociology research paper topics.

In closing, the information within this text can be used for almost any sociology research. The reason these topics were chosen involves the fact that each can be explained using one of the major perspectives of sociology. Functionalism would show favor in each concepts. This perspective would point out all of the positive aspects of each idea. Conversely, the conflict perspective would carefully expose the flaws or negative aspects of each idea. As one can clearly see, these topics were chosen due to their importance in society and their versatility.

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