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Science Fair Projects TopicsScience fair topics can be as varied as students themselves! Schools across the world hold science fairs each year to test their students’ scientific curiosity. Science fairs generally consist of students completing the project and bringing it into school to present. Often, the science fair project topics are displayed largely as a heading, and all of the information surrounding the project is shown below on a presentation board.

Starting in elementary school and running all the way through high school, science fair topics are generally phrased in the form of a question. This is the initial step of the Scientific Method:

1. Question
2. Background Research
3. Form a Hypothesis
4. Experiment
5. Analyze Data and Draw Conclusions
6. Report Results

Science Fair Projects Topics

The ideas will generally be broken up into the area of science under which they fall: life science, behavioral and social science, math and computer science, engineering, and physical science. If a student knows what types of science interests him the most, he is should pick a topic in this area. That way he can ensure continued enthusiasm about the project at hand.

Science Fair Topics for 7th Grade

Where are there the most germs in your school?
What brand of sneaker can help athletes jump highest?
How does light alter plant growth?
What affect does music have on animal behavior?
How does room color affect human behavior?
Do siblings have similar fingerprints?
What plant fertilizer works the best?
What type of bubble gum brand can make the biggest bubble?
What type of food grows mold the fastest?
Does having worms by a plant help the plant to grow better?

Science Fair Topics for 8th Grade

In general, the topics listed for 7th grade would also suffice for an 8th grader. However, usually judges are looking for the 8th grade student science fair project topics to be a bit more advanced and thought-provoking.

What types of soils best support large structures?
What percentage of an orange is water?
What types of words to babies learn first?
What brand of plastic wrap best prevents oxidation?
Do athletes have a larger lung capacity?
Is the nutritional content of different vegetable brands the same?
Is the pH of soil affected by the pH of the water around the soil?
What various factors affect germination?
Does air temperature alter the length of time a bubble will last?

The trick is to find an idea that is unique and different. No one wants to have someone else with the same project at the same science fair! The idea must also be testable. A student can have the most interesting idea but if he did not test it accurately and report the results in an organized and understandable manner, he will not score well with the science fair. Science fairs are run to help students satisfy their scientific curiosity.

Science fair topics are almost endless! The most important thing is to have fun with your experiment!

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