Free Scholarships Without Essays

No Essay ScholarshipsApplying for scholarships to help pay for your college education costs can be a tedious and tiring job.  It seems like every scholarship that you apply for requires you to write an essay about a different topic or a different prompt and to make it all worse, they all have different requirements regarding length.  That’s where the idea came from for easy scholarships without essays.  These free scholarships without essays are very popular and in a lot of cases, the winner if the scholarships are left entirely up to chance.

Scholarships Without Essays: Just Sign Up

There are a number of websites that offer scholarships without essays that are awarded on a regular basis and they are awarded to the person who wins a drawing for the scholarship.  These types of scholarships without essays are left entirely up to chance because the winner is selected in a drawing, but they are very popular because in most cases all you have to do to get your chance to win is sign up.  Some examples of these types of scholarships without essays include the College Prowler “No Essay” Scholarship for two thousand dollars of scholarship money and the drawing on for a ten thousand dollar scholarship which happens monthly with a new drawing each month.

Scholarships Without Essays: Contests

Another format for scholarships without essays is when the scholarship is awarded to the winner of a contest.  Obviously that contest is not for how well you can write an essay.  A good example of these scholarships without essays is the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck At Prom Contest.  Contestants are given a variety of tape products to use to create their prom outfits out of.  Couples who are competing for this scholarship submit photographs of their duct tape prom outfits and submit them for judging.  The winner receives a six thousand dollar scholarship as their prize.

Scholarships Without Essays: Answer The Questions

Although you will not have to write a full essay for these types of scholarships without essays, you will likely have to write something, just not an essay.  The American Fire Sprinkler Association offers a two thousand dollar scholarship to the winner of a drawing.  In order to enter into the drawing, you have to read an essay and then complete a test about the essay that you read.  This is still much easier than writing an entire essay on your own.  Another example of these types of scholarships without essays is the Three Sentence Essay Scholarship.  Although the word essay is in the title, three sentences is by no means an actual essay.  The entries are in response to a question that is provided to those trying to win the scholarship.  The responses to the questions or prompts have to be two hundred eight words or less and three sentences long.  Maybe you don’t like to write essays, but most people can handle writing three sentences in response to a question without too much trouble.

Scholarships without essays do exist; they are just not usually as simple as their title sounds.  With all of the competition for scholarship money, you can bet that you will have to do something and put in at least a little effort to get the scholarship money that you need.  If writing essays is not your strong point, than trying for some of these scholarships without essays may be a better choice for you.  You never know, you may even have fun competing for some of them.