Sample College Essay

The main purpose of a college essay is to present yourself to the admissions officer, and persuade them to consider you as a good candidate for their school, scholarship, etc. Depending on the college essay questions and/or topics this process can be very difficult and take some time.

Here is a small part of a sample college essay to jump start you onto the right path.

Sample College Essay Example

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a career that involved helping special need kids. Whether it is in education, or physical therapy, or a mentor, I have a compassion for them, and admire them for the everyday struggles they face and overcome. And they seem to be very comfortable with me, and like to spend time with me. Most people just look at them with pity, and treat them like outcasts. But if they would just spend the time to get to know them, they would see how truly amazing they are.

In my junior year of high school I got the opportunity to participate in job shadow program. I chose to shadow an elementary special education teacher, and it was one of the greatest experiences in my life, so far. To be able to sit with the children and see what they do on a daily basis in their class is just truly amazing. And to see the compassion that the teachers have for the students, or as they call them, their children. I want to be able to take my compassion and patience, and be able to have the same impact on the children’s lives. The best way I can do that is to earn my college degree in one of the many programs that your college offers. And to take that degree and use it to pursue my dreams, to start a private school that is affordable to parents of younger aged children that have needs that public schools cannot address. I feel there is a great lack of these types of schools; most of them are so expensive that the parents cannot afford it. But all of this will not be possible if I do not start by getting my college education first.

This is just a sample college essay, and has not been completed. It is intended to juts give you an idea of where to start your writing. There is no two essays alike, people have different personal experiences and colleges have different topics that want you to write about. The best thing to do is research the topic as much as you can, and give yourself plenty of time to write your essay.