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Sample Sales ResumeA sales resume is a resume that is made for being hired by a sales company. If you’re a sales professional of any kind then you will need to fill out a sales resume or a sales associate resume. A good resume is focused on showing the results of your past achievements, awards and your contributions to a company. You can learn to write good resumes by learning from good sales resume examples on the internet.

A good way to ensure you have a good resume, is to have your resume written by a professional resume writer. However, make sure that you go with a company that is well reputable and has a high success rate. A quality resume will start out with a mind-blowing introduction. If you can keep your employer reading your resume, then you can be sure that you will receive an interview.With sales resumes, it’s important that you do not place any confidential information in your resume from your past or current employers. Confidential information could include sales strategies or any performance information by a past or current employer. A good resume will show your employer how you have risen above sales quotas or other expectations by your company.Don’t tell them you’re good, show them you’re fantastic! Words are cheap, and if you want to impress your employers with your resume, show them what you’ve accomplished. How do you do that? Show them the types of sales positions that you’ve had. Be sure to tell them about any obstacles you overcame at certain sales jobs. When filling out a sales resume, it’s important that you only show the jobs you’ve had that were sales oriented.

Sample Sales Resume

Jim Hartman

*Results-oriented sales professional with a lot of experience in marketing, strategic planning, client relationship management and customer service.
*Exceptional leadership abilities and has lead countless sales teams to victory.
*Increasing revenue potential within the organization.

Professional Background:
*Attended trade shows and knows how to develop a quality product.
*Used to be the leader of a team of highly skilled sales professionals.
*Followed market trends, and introduced never before seen marketing strategies which increased sales by 230% for that company. I was given a raise and a promotion.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Study Abroad Program in Finland (1998)

Employment History:

Sales Representative at Telular Corporation (2001-2004)
Lead Sales Professional at Best Buy (2004-2007)
Sales Associate (2007)
Door-to-door salesman (2007-2010)

The reason this is a good resume example is because Jim showcases his highest achievements, and shows the company that he has been a good sales professional in the past, so he has the potential to be a good sales professional now. It also reveals that he is qualified for the job, and has years of experience that his competition might be lacking.

Jim’s professional background showcases some of his achievements, as well as this resume places him above the average job seeking resume. His education shows the company that he went to college and has studied abroad, which gives his resume more weight compared to a salesman who has no educational background. Jim’s employment history shows that he has stayed with sales companies for years (Except for one company). This shows Jim to be a reliable sales employee and a candidate who is worthy of being hired.

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