Safety Topics for Meetings

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Safety Topics MeetingsSafety is an issue no matter where you are. Taking the necessary steps to make sure you are okay and others around you are very important. Let’s look at some safety meeting topics that you can have with your co-workers or family and friends.

Weather safety: things could be discussed about tornadoes, severe thunderstorms with high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even sand storms depending on where you live. In school as kids we learn various techniques such as going to a hallway in line and getting on the floor immediately with knees bent and heads tucked with hands on the back of the head to sort of shield the flying debris. These things can be covered with staff or family depending on the giving situation for the meeting.

Security is another example: do you work in a public place or even if not just how secure are you? You can discuss how to lock up your personal belongings and just simple common sense measures – not to leave valuables on your desk or in plain view of those passing by. Things like leaving before dark or having security to walk you out if it is dark. These are security issues that can be handled quickly and done with very little effort but are very important issues to discuss.

Safety topics for meetings are not hard to choose. Evaluate where you work and if you have noticed some things that could potentially be hazardous to those at work then the topics are easy to come up with. Take for example working in a daycare center, and you have noticed that employees leave back doors open from time to time maybe for a little fresh air. This can be very dangerous especially if the children are toddlers and don’t know any better. First problem here is that you have runaway toddlers who don’t know they are running away but for curiosity purposes you may have a missing toddler. Then intruder’s that may lurk around the area has easy access. Just practicing good work habits will make a safer environment.

Here are some office safety topics for consideration:

*first aid
*fire safety
*company vehicle dos and don’ts
First aid is essential in any environment especially work or home since this is where majority of ones time is spent. Learning how to help someone that is choking doesn’t take long to learn nor is it expensive and in some cases it’s be free – so why not learn this technique?

Safety Training Topics

Safety training topics as mentioned before should be based on the group you are teaching and the environment. The presentation shouldn’t be too long and overwhelming because you want the material to come across as easy to learn, easy to do and something easy to implement so that it can be shared with others they love. Have visible materials if possible and maybe some hands on training to make it fun and intriguing although the message is important and should be grasped whether fun or not.

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