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Retail Sales Cover LetterIn hopes of landing the dream job one thing you would submit is a cover letter. People assume one will fit all but the reality is you need to have one prepared for every industry. For the retail industry their cover letter is no different from any other cover letter–an introduction to the accompanied resume and a summary of why you are a good fit for the job and the company. The difference is the cover letter for retail position allows you to become more personal. The resume doesn’t have the room for this so the retail cover letter allows you to tell the employer your interpersonal skills, team performance, highlight your strengths and other characteristics that make your personality shine. Start in the left margin by listing the same contact information listed on the resume. Include today’s date. Then add the employers contact info. Insert a space and then write a salutation. The first paragraph explains how you found the job and why you’re a good fit. The next paragraph explains your strengths and personality. The final paragraph thanks them for their time, summarizes why you’re a good candidate, contact info and an enclosure to direct them to the resume. Add a business letter closing and write your name.

Retail Sales Cover Letter

Your Name
Your Address
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Your Phone Number
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Today’s Date

Employer Name
Employer Address
Employer City, State & Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

I recently visited your website and found out that this company was hiring for a Retail Sales position. When I read it I felt like what you’re looking for matched my qualifications. I am very interested in applying and that is why I am writing you today.

In the ad you are looking for three years experience and I worked in retail for 5 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in retail operations. I can stock inventory and work the register/cash operations. Because of this I have a good idea of the customer/client needs, a strong analysis and a prowess of finding resolve. I also have a superb ability to convince and impress people. I have made contributions to organizations numerous times to give back to the community. All of that and more are included in the resume.

As you can see I am the right candidate for the job. Call me on the phone or email me so a date can be arranged for an interview that fits your schedule. Thank you for reading my cover letter and thank you for considering me. Once again, more information about me is included in the resume and the recommendations enclosed.



Your name

This retail cover letter sample screams attention. What makes it so great is that everything highlighted is explained in detail. A part of your soul should be written on paper like it is here. This letter says that the ad matched the experience and qualifications. The letter also goes into detail about how the ad matched her qualifications by explaining his/her qualifications. It stands out by explaining things that are in the advertisement. That is how the employer will know that you paid attention. The letter closes by redirecting the person to the enclosed resume and recommendations for more information.

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