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Resume Power VerbsResume Power Verbs; Helping Boost Your Resume

A resume is the first impression for many employers. A well written resume will make the difference between an interview or a letter stating the position has been filled by a more qualified applicant. Resume verbs are important in a good resume because they convey information to the employer. Accomplishments, experience, and training are explained through resume verbs. Choosing the right verb is essential in creating a resume that will stand out among the other applicants. There are an unlimited number of verbs to use in a resume. A small percentage of the resume verbs are used consistently. Most employers are unimpressed with the average resume using the same verbs. Resume verbs list are available on the internet. Writing or rewriting a resume to use positive verbs will turn a dull resume into a resume that is noticed by potential employers.

Resume Power Verbs

Utilize resume power verbs to highlight your accomplishments. Entry level positions provide work experience but often have assignments that are considered uncomplicated. Every task preformed on a job is an important piece to a bigger picture. Instead of saying “helped with conference”, a more powerful way to highlight this accomplishment would be to say “facilitated conference ensuring all presentations were presented effortlessly”. By using resume power verbs it tells your future employer that you weren’t just helping with the conference, you were participating as a team player and you were invested in the success of the conference. Another example would be “sorted mail daily and answered phone” revising to “managed office communication by categorizing daily correspondence and screening phone communications”. The revision tells a future employer that this was an important task and it was preformed with accuracy and thoughtfulness. Writing or revising a resume to include power verbs is another task that should be preformed with thoughtfulness and accuracy. It should tell a future employer that you are able to preform tasks efficiently and you are able to make decisions with the best interest of the employer in mind. Selecting the right the right verbs helps to convey this message.

When writing or revising a resume remember to choose verbs for resumes carefully. Resume verbs list are easily found on the internet. They are a key factor in how employers perceive your previous work experience. If your resume uses verbs that are flat, your future employer will see a possible employee in the same light. Showcase your qualifications when selecting verbs for resume. Power verbs for resume reflect the essence of the applicant.

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