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Resume Summary ExamplesA resume summary of qualifications provides quick and efficient information for an employer. The summary should provide detailed and concise wording to get at a point quickly. The summary should help a person’s resume stand out from the crowd. Being specific is key. Avoid over generalized wording, such as “highly motivated” or “excellent communication skills.” Employers see so many of these phrases that they all blend together over time. The summary should not be too long. The point is to get noticed, not abandoned. A life story or novel is not called for here. This is where a person has to set themselves apart from the crowd. Instead of writing “excellent communication skills” write “managed negotiations for a business merger” or instead of “highly motivated” write “run five marathons a year.” Of course these are just examples. Each person’s resume summary has to accurately reflect them. Honesty is key.

Professional Summary Examples for Resume

Below are a few resume summary examples that are short, accurate and informative. This is the recipe for success to get it right the first time.

“IT manager with ten years experience in direct and off-sight troubleshooting. Overseas experience and fluent in Japanese and Spanish. Received Best In Class Business Award two years in a row for team management. Familiar with Microsoft Excel various Open Office spreadsheets as well.”

Here is another way to format a resume summary.

-Office manager with twenty years experience in accounting
-Familiar with all popular office spreadsheet programs
-Successfully oversaw merger of Fortune 500 company last year
-Spent five years abroad helping to develop emerging markets

The two resume summary examples provided above are effective because they provide quick and accurate information about the job candidate while also avoiding common generalizations. It is also important to remember to direct the resume summary specifically toward the job of interest. This means making the summary relate to the job being applied for at the time. This allows the employer to see right away how a person’s skills are set to help the company grow. It also lets the employer know that the person describing themselves on paper knows what the company needs in specific terms. Sometimes this might require a little bit of research ahead of time, but it could be the difference between landing the job or getting passed over for someone else.

Avoid the temptation to tell the employer everything right off the bat. A great resume summary must work fast. Employers are scanning through a lot of applications and are not going to read any single resume too quickly the first time through. Short, accurate, specific are the three keywords to remember when preparing the summary. Don’t be afraid to write, re-write and re-write again. Try it out on a few friends and see what they think. Get the job by making the right kind of first impression. This extra time preparing one’s resume to perfection will create that separation from the crowd that’s ever necessary in today’s competitive job market. Everyone needs whatever edge they can get and the right kind of resume is a powerful weapon.

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