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Resume Examples for College StudentsA student resume is a resume-in-training. This is the first of many resumes that you will write. Without much work experience the resume must be built around what you do have. Use anything that will make up for the lack of work experience like your education, training, community service and/or high school and college activities you’ve participated in. Start off by listing contact information. From there list a summary first. It should explain why this resume was sent to the employer. You can add an objective in place of a summary but for this resume a summary is preferred. Then list your education. It’s important to do this because it helps you let potential employers not focus so much on the ‘no work experience’ thing. Add any training here in this section. Then list your skills. After skills place any work experience here. It’s placed toward the bottom of the resume. It’s not that it isn’t important; you shouldn’t make it become important by having it stick out like a sore thumb. The focus should be on the education and skills. Experience can include volunteer work and community service. After that place any interests, achievements, academics, awards/honors and activities that relate to the job you’re applying for. Label each as such. For example use awards as a title for awards; for student organizations use activities as a title. If you have any include references at the bottom. It should be one page. An example of a student resume is below.

Resume Examples for College Students

Gina Perry
1818 Strawberry
Carlingford, Arkansas 72113

I am interested in a sales associate position. I can work weekdays and weekends. I will even work overtime or holiday shifts.

Central High School
Carlingford, AR
High School Diploma

Employment History
2009 – Present: Community Service
Carlingford Community Service Center
Babysit, housekeeping, assist people, and run errands.

2006 – 2008: Volunteer Cashier
Carlingford Bookstore
Stock books, run cash register, and open/close store.

Won 1st place in Math National Competition
Best all-around at Mathletes
Project of the Year 2006

Joel Townsend – Mathletes Sponsor
Phone: (501)-809-7665

Teresa Gibbons – Math teacher
Phone: (501)-809-7456

Richard Thomasson
1919 Rocky Road
Charleston, SC 29401

I am interested in a sales marketing position for your company.

Savannah College
Savannah, GA
BA in Marketing

Central High School
Charleston, SC
High School Diploma

Marketing. Microsoft office, QuickBooks, Windows, Mac, Linux, Lotus, Analytical Skills, Communication Skills, Speak French and Spanish

Employment History
August 2010: Internship
Savannah, GA
Savannah Marketing Agency

Achievements / Awards
Award for best Marketing Project at the Science Fair
Regional Marketing Champion at Nationals
Co-State Debate Champion at Mock Debate

These resumes are great for anyone starting out. What makes it great is that even though there is not an abundance of experience, the resumes still stands strong. Making the headings stand out with design adds to how strong these resumes are. Looking at it at first glance these resumes does not give out an indication that these people are novices. These resumes can compete with the best of them. This can be used as resume examples for high school students. As you move on to college you’ll have even more to add to the resume. This can be used as resume examples for college students too.

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