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resume cover letter examplesHow to Write a Successful Resume Cover Letter

A resume cover letter is a quintessential part of securing a position in today’s competitive job market. While the content of a resume is little more than a stream of factual data, the resume cover letter allows you to personalize your experience with potential employers prior to ever meeting them. Taking the time to create and perfect your cover letter can give you a generous edge over your competition.

A properly compiled resume cover letter will outline your desire to work within the capacity you are applying for within the target company. It is wise to research the company and adjust your writing style to the manner that likens how the company presents itself. In other words, if a company caries a friendly open vibe you might do the same, with professionalism. However, if the company is more rigid and conservative you ought to lean toward that direction with your verbiage and tone.

Do not exceed one page when writing a cover letter. Brevity and concise delivery is key. You also should be sure that you carry a proper heading. Addressing the correct individual, stating the company name and maintaining a proper cover letter heading and format will exhibit you proficiency and attention to detail. Try to tie in aspects of your skill set and personality that will lend to your ability to be the best candidate for the position you are applying for. Attempt to omit anything that may be considered personal in nature, overt or borderline unprofessional. Most importantly utilize the chance to express who you are in the most memorable and unique way possible. Below you will find a version of the resume cover letter examples that are appropriate for most employers.

Cover Letter for Resume Examples


Name of Contact
Address of Company
Address of Company


I am pleased to be considered for the position of Executive Assistant with Company Name. My career background demonstrates a standard of confidentiality maintenance and performance excellence I strive to maintain at all times. Having assisted several C level executives I have notably increased productivity, sales, brand presence, consumer growth/loyalty, client and contractor satisfaction. I am versed in grassroots, mainstream and gorilla marketing techniques – spearheading several successful campaigns over time. Event planning, including product release, charity and fund raising are part of my working repertoire.
My qualifications, further expounded in my Resume, include:

• Support of CEO, CFO, VP and Board of Directors
• Research & Reports
• Management of 8+ Employees and Contractors
• Marketing & Sales
• Payroll and Expense Management

With over 6 years Executive Administrative experience I have developed industry connections within the United States, Iceland, Russia, France, Canada and various other locals. My reputation is solid; I speak in a language that bridges corporate interest with consumer interest. Thinking out of the box, exuding confidence, honesty and an aroma of trust has made me successful thus far and would greatly benefit the goals of your organization. I look forward to the chance to fully voice my interest in working with Company Name in an administrative capacity.

Thank You for your consideration,

Whenever reviewing cover letter examples for resume purposes note that several key aspects are covered in a correctly drafted document. The position is clearly addressed while the entirety of the cover letter supports the candidate’s related skills and ability to meet and exceed the requirements of the job applied for. There is also a lead that compels the reader to review the resume. It is important that you do not simply state what is outlined on your resume, rather pinpoint different traits you posses. Overall, remember that a cover letter is your first impression, make it count!

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