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Residency Personal Statement ExamplesThe residency personal statement enriches the view of a candidate by providing information that cannot be obtained from any other part of an applicant’s CV. It is like an introduction to a person’s character, what makes them tick, and what would make them especially enticing to meet face to face. The RPS is only one small part of the application; however it is a wonderful opportunity for the candidate to share aspirations, goals, and experiences that would make the candidate the perfect choice for the specialty.

Just like a recipe needs specific ingredients, the RPS should contain certain elements that will make the candidate shine. The Residency Director would like to know what has made a candidate choose this specialty, what is propelling a candidate’s choice to pursue this specialty, and what the candidate’s long term goals are. A candidate should include why he/she is best suited for the residency and what makes a candidate uniquely qualified to succeed in this area. Leadership, communication, teaching, and research skills are all vital aspects to include. If a candidate is not particularly studied in the art of writing and creativity, it is best to stick to good grammar, fabulous punctuation, and honest, concise statements. One smart way to make a candidate’s RPS stand out in the crowd of applicants, is to make it personal by sharing specific examples.

Residency Personal Statement Examples

Specific residency personal statement examples can make a candidate shine above the rest by allowing the reader to get to know a candidate through this glimpse into the candidate’s world of experience and how the experience has affected a candidate’s choices, abilities and goals.

A short example of a personal statement for residency: “When I was eight years old, my family and I were at a children’s museum, when my younger brother slipped and cracked his head open on what was supposed to be a kid friendly riser. I have never forgotten this experience, because as my brother wailed and blood was everywhere, I felt so helpless. My brother needed some stitches, and in watching the doctors; how they soothed him, calmed his fears and did their job well, fixing him, body and spirit, that my passion for pediatric surgery was born.”

An experience or two, shared in the RPS is invaluable because it shows why the candidate will be empathetic, compassionate and motivated in their chosen specialty. It needs to be written powerfully and with emphasis on how the experience correlates with the residency being sought. Because the candidate has lived through an experience that has left a profound mark on them, it is easy to see that they understand, not only what needs to be done professionally to make the patient better, but what needs to be done for the human being within the patient. Sharing an experience also shows what motivates a candidate so they will rise to the occasion. Hence a further positive effect of sharing an experience in a residency personal statement, is so the director can get a full sense of what drives a candidate, what propels a candidate to survive long shifts, and a rigorous schedule.

The residency personal statement enriches a candidates CV, helps the candidate to create a well rounded view of who they are, and makes what might be the run of the mill CV, stellar.

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