Reflective Essay Examples

Good reflective essay examples can give you a better idea as to how to write your own essay. The reflective essay is one in which the writer can include his or her thoughts and feelings in the content of their essay, as long as it all relates back to the main topic. It is very important that you are well informed about things that are related to your topic, as you are trying to convey your thoughts and conclusions on a particular issue.  Before you start writing you need to gather a few materials such as, notes, journal entries, statistics, outlines, and any interviews that are related to the topic.

Most reflective essays are anywhere from three to five pages long. And they should include these main paragraphs; the introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and the conclusion. In your introduction you need make a statement about your topic called your thesis statement, and lead into the body paragraphs. And then in the conclusion paragraph you need to restate your thesis and recap the highlights of the essay. Every paragraph must relate to each other, and the transitions between paragraphs are smooth.

There are 3 main things that you need to cover in the introduction paragraph; goals, reasons, and the background behind the subject you are writing about. Make sure you grab the reader’s attention within the first paragraph; you do not want them to get bored with your essay.

Included in your supporting paragraphs of your reflective essay is the basis of your subject. It is a good idea to have an outline to rely on right from the beginning, and continue using it until you have finished your essay. This will ensure that you stay on track with your writing, and that you do not forget to include anything. This essay is very similar to a personal essay; the main focus of both essays is the writer. The following points should be considered when writing a reflective essay.

  • Present a solid subject
  • Stick to the point of your essay
  • Give honest explanations
  • Use proper grammar

Your conclusion will be the most important part of your essay. This is where you will bring everything that you have written so far and tie it all together. You will need to refer back to your opening statement to wrap up your essay. It is a good idea to write a reflective essay, even if you are not required to.

You may need to read through several reflective essay samples until you find the one that best suits your needs. But make sure you are comfortable with what you are writing about. This can make the writing process a little easier, and it will save you time if you already know a little bit about the subject.