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Professional Resume SamplesA professional resume showcases an individual’s skills, abilities, and experiences to persuade the recruiter to make contact for an interview. Typical elements of a resume include:
• Your contact information
Educational institutions you attended, dates of attendance, and grade point average
• Work experience
• Activities/Honors
• Skills and Abilities
• Membership in professional associations
• Awards and certificates
• Computer skills
• ReferencesA good resume includes the aforementioned categories. Typical design of a resume uses the aforementioned categories as bold faced font with additional details of the category in bullet points appearing under the bold faced category header.

Professional Resume Samples


Ph.D. Biology August 2008
Yale University, Duck, NC

Work Experience
7/1/1969-present Wal-Mart., Executive Director
• Provide administrative oversight
• Interview, hire and dismiss subordinate staff
• Strategic planning
• Develop, monitor, and maintain annual operating budget
• Consult legal counsel and accountants to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws
• Develop contracts, Memorandums Of Understanding (MOU’s), and other legal documents
• Improve coordination and capacity building for community resources
• Maintain in-depth knowledge of local, county, state, and federal agencies
• Review, collect and analyze existing data and prepare reports
• Develop and update programs, objectives, and operational procedures
• Seek and secure funding through local, state, and national levels for community programming
• Act as community/county liaison between contractors and county programs
• Establish, develop and coordinate staff, collaborative board, and executive board
• Insure adherence of community goals and objectives
• Provide community outreach through various media outlets

10/1/1911-7/1/03 ABC Corp Sustainability Coordinator
• Identified grant opportunities
• Wrote local, state, federal, and foundation grant proposals
• Conducted social marketing
• Wrote press releases and radio advertisements
• Delivered oral presentations
• Conducted ongoing county-wide risk assessment
• Gained insight of problem behaviors and resources
• Coordinated the collection of archival data across various systems
• Analyzed collected data
• Provided strategies for data collection to collaborating entities
• Reported project progress to all collaborative members on a regular basis
• Enlisted the aid of local businesses and community-organizations as funding sources
• Developed project evaluations and ensured that program evaluations occurred
• Designed and maintained organizational web site


Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society

Skills and Abilities

• Highly proficient in major software programs including C++

Professional resume examples are a great way to begin developing a resume. The example categories provided here are a great way to get started. Notice how each category had a bold faced header to alert the reader it was a new section, and under each bold faced header additional information was included. Dates are important, so be sure to include them. Remember, a resume is a work in progress, as you add education and gain experience, be sure to update your resume.

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