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professional cover letter samplesA resume is the first impression employers receive of potential candidates, so it is crucial to make the resume prominent. A professional cover letter can be that attention-grabbing piece. The letter will introduce you, your skills, and provide the employer with a brief idea of what kind of an employee and asset you could be to the position.

A resume is simply not enough. Jobs are not readily available, and there are plenty of qualified people for the jobs that do become available. So, taking the extra time to write a professional cover letter can be the one detail that separates your resume from the other candidates.

A professional cover letter should include the position you are applying for. This information should be clearly stated or placed on the subject line of the letter. Include facts and details about the company you are applying for in the letter. This will show interest and thoroughness. Mention pertinent experience, strengths, and abilities. The focus of the letter is to showcase your work ethic, knowledge, character, and attitude as well as any other details you feel are important. Remember, this is your opportunity to outshine the rest of the candidates, and the first step in ultimately being offered the position.

Professional Cover Letter Examples

Writing is not always an easy feat. Finding the right words to express exactly what you want to say can sometimes be difficult, so reviewing a few professional cover letter samples can provide you with a general idea of how the letter should look and sound.

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Last name of person who posted the position, if no one was mentioned, then begin the letter with ‘Dear Hiring Manager’)

I am applying for the (position applying for entered here) position recently posted on (enter where you saw the position posted; newspaper, website, etc.). I would like to schedule a meeting with you, at your convenience, to discuss the position and review how my experience and abilities will be an asset to your company.”

At this point in the letter you could elaborate on your experiences and skills you possess that would be useful in this position. You could write this information in paragraph form or accentuate the information with a bullet-style list. The following is an example of the bullet-style list.

· Educational background can be listed. For instance, a B.S. in Accounting from (Name of college or university)
· Fluency in languages and list the languages
· Computer skills, additional training, and experience
· Personal skills like detail-oriented, organized, team worker, multi-tasker
· Future goals

End the letter with another mention of setting up a meeting and a brief thank you. Also, do not forget to include your contact information. The following is an example of a solid closing.
“I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss this position and my candidacy. I can be reached at (telephone and email address entered here).

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name Here

This professional cover letter template is just a brief example of how to highlight the strong points. This letter allows the employer to read what pertains to the position without having to look over the entire resume; a time saver for hiring managers and a plus for you.

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