Pharmacy School Scholarships

Pharmacy School ScholarshipsGoing to school to become a pharmacist can be expensive.  To help offset the expenses of going to pharmacy school, there are a number of pharmacy school scholarships that may help.  With all of the options available for scholarships for pharmacy school, you may need to see which pharmacy school scholarship would be most beneficial for you.

Pharmacy School Scholarships For Independent Pharmacy


Students who are pursuing a pharmacy degree and are planning to become an independent pharmacist or are interested in independent pharmacy management may be at an advantage when it comes to getting scholarships.  There are a number of pharmacy school scholarships that require recipients to be pursuing a career in independent pharmacy management.  An example of this type of pharmacy school scholarship is the Willard B. Simmons, Sr. Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship awards two thousand dollars to the winning applicant who has demonstrated an interest in independent pharmacy management, leadership qualities and academic achievement.  There are also other pharmacy school scholarships that are specifically for students interested in independent pharmacy careers, like the Partners In Pharmacy Scholarship which offers two thousand dollars to the winning applicant.  Applicants for this scholarship must show academic achievement, leadership qualities and they have to have an interest in independent pharmacy as their career.

Pharmacy School Scholarships With Limitations

There are quite a few pharmacy school scholarships that have other limiting factors that lower the number of eligible applicants for the scholarship money.  Some of these pharmacy school scholarships are only available at a specific school such as the Bernabei Independent Pharmacy Scholarship which is only available to West Virginia residents who are attending West Virginia University.  Other limited pharmacy school scholarships include the Health Care Majors Scholarship from the Hispanic College Fund which is only available to United States Citizens who are of a Hispanic descent with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Other Pharmacy School Scholarships

Other pharmacy school scholarships may or may not come with limitations or requirements.  There is a large variety of scholarships available for pharmacy school students, but you need to look at some of them very closely before you apply.  There are some pharmacy school scholarships that require recipients of the scholarship money to agree to work for their pharmacy for one year for each year that they receive funding from the scholarship.  One of these types of pharmacy school scholarships is the McLaren Pharmacist Scholarship.  An example of a pharmacy school scholarship that does not have as many requirements and limitation is the McKesson Pharmacy Scholarship Program which only requires recipients and applicants to be a pharmacy student at an accredited school of pharmacy.

There are many ways for you to handle the expense of your education.  Scholarships are a smart way to lower the amount of money that you will have to come up with because you will not have to pay the money back to anyone.  You can apply for as many or as few pharmacy school scholarships as you like.  The money that you receive from the scholarships will make the time and effort involved in applying for them well worth it.