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Persuasive Speech IdeasWhen you are given an assignment to write a persuasive speech, you are likely to have a few questions that you will need answers to.  First and foremost, what is a persuasive speech?  Another thing that you need to figure out is how to go about writing a persuasive speech.  Then you will have to decide on an appropriate topic for your persuasive speech.

What Is A Persuasive Speech

A persuasive speech is written with the intent to present both sides of a valid argument and convince your audience to at least consider taking your side of the argument.  It is important that you present supporting evidence for both sides of the argument and that you explain both sides of the argument thoroughly or the persuasive speech will be considered to be overly biased or lacking real substance.  You will also want to explain why your side of the argument’s evidence is stronger than the supporting evidence for the opposing side of the argument when you are creating an effective persuasive speech.

Tips For Writing A Persuasive Speech

When you write your persuasive speech you should pay careful attention to how interesting the information is.  It is easy to lose the attention of your audience if you are presenting your arguments and supporting evidence in a way that becomes monotonous or seems like it drags on.  Be sure to create interesting or entertaining statements and you will want to make sure that you draw parallels between the arguments or supporting evidence and normal day to day life.  You can consider including information about how both your side of the argument and the opposing side of the argument may impact the lives of your audience when you are presenting your persuasive speech.

Your persuasive speech will be more effective and have more impact if you are careful to make sure that you are not being overly biased.  Give a fair amount of attention and time to explaining the opposing argument’s views and supporting evidence.  This will make your audience feel that they are being given a choice on which side they should support when you are actually trying to persuade them to support the same side of the argument that you do.  Your persuasive speech will also benefit from the added insight that showing the opposing side of the argument gives.  By discussing the opposing side of the argument’s evidence you allow you audience to better understand why there is an argument in the first place.

Topics For A Persuasive Speech

The topic that you choose for your persuasive speech is important.  You should take into account the amount of time that you have for your persuasive speech when you choose your topic.  If you have a relatively short period of time for your persuasive speech, you should choose a more narrowed down topic that is very specific.  If you have a longer period of time for your persuasive speech, you should choose a broad topic that will allow you to better fill the amount of time you have for the presentation of your speech.  The actual topics for a persuasive speech could concern a wide range of things.  Really anything that is controversial is likely to be a great topic.  You could choose to use a new politics subject to speak about, a new scientific study or a new medication or treatment.  You could also look to the benefits and detriments that come along with certain foods or supplements.  Society and morals or ethics are great ideas for a persuasive speech as well.  As an example, you could write your persuasive speech about whether or not the legal age for the purchase and consumption of alcohol in the United States should be lowered, you could discuss any of the proposed legislation on gun control, or you could write your persuasive speech about the benefits of using a form of homeopathic or alternative medicine instead of a traditional medication or treatment plan.

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