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Persuasive Speech Topics for College StudentsPersuasive speech is the art of selling your ideas. The entire advertising industry is built on the art of persuasion. Studying and understanding an effective marketing and advertising campaign can help you in developing a sound persuasive speech. Persuasive speech topics for college students can revolve around very specific ideas, controversial public debates and relate to topics you personally are passionate about. Developing persuasive speeches should heat that passion and help in presentation, conviction and supporting arguments.

Health Care choices are major topics in the country today and great interesting persuasive speech topics. First you must decide your stance on the topic, as part of the persuasion is pulling your audience to your side. Use research information that supports your stance, and why your support is for or against managed health care. With such political unrest centered around this topic it is important to note the ramifications of this topic on the next election and insure your speech identifies major players supporting your side.Mental health disorders are another good persuasive speech topic. Review the medical research that shows the percentage of people using drugs to treat mental disorders. Decide your position on over-medicated or properly diagnosed and prepare interesting persuasive speech topics surrounding those points. Depending on your views you can present alternate treatments to drugs and show percentage of success using that method. Good persuasive speech topics always have a pro and con, and always have selling points for your ideas.

Another interesting persuasive speech topic for college students is whether students should immediately get a job out of college or take some time to reflect after graduation. Review what you believe, review statistics supporting your ideas and develop a good persuasive speech on the subject. Should the graduate jump into the pool of job hunting or take a year and travel the world? Convincing arguments should be supported with statements from powerful CEO’s and actual experienced professionals. Persuasive speech topics for college students are sometimes as close as looking in the mirror, so pay attention to what goes on around you.

Developing persuasive speech topics that are interesting, good and solid can sometimes be done best as impromptu. Many students learn to develop speeches on the spur of the moment with selected topics, but what are some great impromptu speech topics? The best impromptu topics come from things you know and things you know well. The more information you can provide about a topic to support your point the easier to persuade your audience. So when you choose the impromptu topic, keep it simple and strategic.

Persuasive Speech Topics

A day that stands out in your life.

What would you do if you won the lottery.

What is the perfect job.

If you could spend the day with anyone, who would it be.

Five things that you are afraid of.

The important point in any persuasive speech topic should be to know your topic and defend your idea, sell it, market it, and see how many people buy it in the end.

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