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Ideas For A Persuasive SpeechWhen you are trying to come up with a few good persuasive speech ideas, there are some things that you should consider.  First and foremost, you should consider who your audience will be.  They are the ones that you need to capture and keep the attention of, so it is important that you choose persuasive speech ideas that are likely to pique their interest. You should also consider the fact that your persuasive speech ideas should have at least two points of view that have evidence supporting them and good arguments against each other.  You will need to present both sides of the argument and present evidence both for and against each opinion.

Persuasive Speech Ideas About Nutrition And Health

There are a number of good ideas for a persuasive speech that relate to either nutrition or health.  There are constantly studies and arguments about the benefits or problems associated with a food or medication.  Some examples of persuasive speech ideas related to health and nutrition include whether or not coffee is bad for you, the efficacy of various diet supplements that are available over the counter, and the negative effects of fast food on our society.  There are many other topics related to nutrition and health that would make great ideas for a persuasive speech.  You could choose a medication, a supplement, or a food and you would likely be able to come up with a few good persuasive speech ideas that you could use.

Persuasive Speech Ideas About Society

Society and the arguments that people have about various aspects of society are a great source for persuasive speech ideas.  Many topics about society become controversial and have at least two opposing views related to them.  Ideas for a persuasive speech about society include whether or not etiquette should be taught in our schools, if medical testing performed on animals is ethical, whether or not human cloning should be allowed, and if our prison system is effective.  Typically any subject related to ethics would be a great persuasive speech idea as long as there is significant evidence supporting both sides of the argument.

Persuasive Speech Ideas About Laws

Our nation’s legal system provides for some great persuasive speech ideas.  You could use persuasive speech ideas regarding our gun control laws, legal drinking ages, or other policies that are under discussion.  Some very controversial subjects that would make great persuasive speech ideas include whether or not breed specific legislature for dogs is appropriate, whether or not the legal drinking age should be changed to eighteen years of age as opposed to the current twenty-one years of age, or if the federal government should legalize marijuana.  All of these subjects have a lot of supporters on both sides of their arguments and have plenty of evidence that can be presented during speech, making them excellent persuasive speech ideas.

When you are choosing which of your persuasive speech ideas you are going to use for your speech, always consider any time limitation that you may have for the assignment.  You should not choose a broad or extremely complex topic if you have a very limited period of time for your speech.  If you have a long period of time for your speech, you should be sure that your topic has enough to discuss to fill the time that you have been allotted for your speech.  The most important part of writing your persuasive speech is to make sure that you practice it.  Whenever possible, practice the speech in front of some family or friends who have some time to listen and give your constructive criticism.  You can then use that constructive criticism to help you make any improvements that you can before you officially present your speech.

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