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nursing personal statementA nursing personal statement in a nutshell is, a statement of why you want or wanted to become a nurse, a bit of history of your experience in the nursing field, and most generally ends with your stated goals for your future in a nursing career. What can a Nursing Personal Statement do you for you? A Nursing School Personal Statement can help you to get into a good nursing school, undergraduate or graduate degree program, it can also help you land scholarships and jobs.

For an example I will give you my personal statement nursing and will point out the parts that are essential to be in it. First a brief history of your nursing experience or how nursing has touched your life in some way.

Include a bit of personal history in your personal statement for nursing school:
“I grew up in a family of nurses. My great-grandmother was a newborn nursery nurse, in fact she was the one who cared for her granddaughter, my mother. My mother then became a nurse, and I enjoyed listening to the stories all throughout her school and through her career. Then, when my own daughter was born at 26 weeks prematurity and weighed in at 1 pound, 15 ounces, I admired the nurses who cared for her, one going out of her way to sew doll dresses for her to wear. This touched me, as did the nurses who cried when she went home because they would miss her”. This is a history statement of why i wanted to become a nurse in the beginning.

If you have any medical career or volunteer experience, add it to you nursing school personal statement here:
“I then became an LVN. I worked in a variety of fields even if just part-time in order to gain alot of varied experience. The moment that made me glad I became a nurse was when my then 5 year old had gotten bitten severely by a dog. He walked into the house, gray as a ghost, with a chunk of meat bitten out of his shin that you could see shiny muscle underneath. Yes, it scared me too but as I had been pre-programmed in nursing school not to panic, I didn’t. Instead I laid a clean damp cloth over it so as to hide it from him. He begged me “plllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssssee” not to take him to the hospital, but instead to the nursing home where i worked. We wound up at the doctor office for several layers of stitching. I remembered that he tended to freak out and be afraid, so I decided to distract him by teaching him the “bones” that were on all the anatomy/physiology posters that were on the wall. This worked like a charm! Plus he was the only five year old in his class that knew what a “patella” (knee-cap) was. Afterward he asks me ‘mommy do they teach you that in nursing school? How to talk to people like you care and help them not to be scared?” wow. I don’t think that can be taught, I think it has to be developed, however that was a moment that made me glad that I became a nurse. I can’t help but think that is why my son himself is now studying nursing”. This is a statement that describes some of my history and experiences as a nurse that really mattered to me. It is important to include those in your statement.

Last, it is important to state your professional goals:

“I continued for twenty years to care for people in the ways that the nurses in my life have cared for me and mine. Nursing is a demanding and sometimes thankless profession, in which I have gained more satisfaction than money, but that is what keeps me going, is the desire to feel the same feeling I felt when I was able to help my son through something difficult in his life. My newest goal may be to help others in a much bigger way, through others, by being the best supervisor I can be” This statement describes what my goals for the future are.

If you include these elements in your Nursing Professional Statement, it will make an impact in your career. So get busy and write your personal statement for nursing school!

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