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Personal Mission Statement ExamplesLaying the grounds for your purpose in life practically defines a personal mission. Every person aims for something great or important to win, and with every goal comes a mission. Would it be better if your personal mission is attached with a statement? A personal mission statement defines the beliefs and goals you set in to, whether it’s for your career or family plans. It blends into a statement that expresses your determination, core values in life, and the fulfilling decisions you have. And if all these factors are put together in a mission statement, it will characterize your personal worth. Like a company’s mission statement, every customer, client, and investors would readily identify its core value. This makes it essential for building an image and profiling its worthiness. A mission statement should include all these factors to give a full credential of your worth.

Personal Mission Statement Examples

A statement of your belief in life is one of the many personal mission statement examples, such as:

“I believe that each day is a living purpose of my life”

“I will make my life today as if it’s the last day of my life on earth”

Defining your career purpose is another personal mission statement example that is included in the career profile during application. It gives an impact on your character and gives emphasis of your worth. There are many examples of career mission statement, like:

“To be able to grow as a person and be an asset to the company I’m working for”

“To work hard for the purpose of fulfilling the company’s goal”

A personal mission statement examples for students is also included. Like any other statements, a personal mission statement examples for students is focus on academic purpose. It focuses on accomplishing something worth academically and fulfillment as a student. A personal mission statement examples for students includes the following;

“To get A’s and be academically top”

“I will do away from habits that can affect my grades”

Personal mission does not only include career or academic purpose, even personal statement for family plans can be an example of a statement for personal mission.

The examples given are a good choice as a concise statement for your personal mission. Although a statement for personal mission can be in a paragraph form, it varies on a person’s decision. Having a personal statement for your mission is a good decision to make in order to have a sense of purpose in life. It’s a fulfilling factor in life to make your mission statement a living purpose to travel in life. It’s a decisive path that can make or bend your future plans. What matters is the choice to live your personal mission and make it a path to follow.

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