Personal Essay Examples

In order to be better prepared to write a personal essay, you need to understand all of your options, and reading through some personal essay examples can help you achieve this. Your personal essay is intended to show people, who you will probably never meet, who “you” are. Most personal essays are written in order to gain admittance to college. The college will rely heavily on your essay to determine if you are the right candidate for their college. Therefore, the quality of this college essay is very important.

Brainstorming is the first step you need to take in writing your personal essay. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you make your brainstorming a little easier:

  • What can you write that will help the committee office better understand who you are?
  • How are you different than everyone else that is applying for the same program?
  • What sparked your interest in this field?
  • What are your goals for your future?
  • What skills or characteristics do you posses that will increase your chances for success in your career goals?

After you have completed your first draft, go back and take a look and see if you can find a hook that will grab the reader’s attention. The best way to do this is to write a captivating first paragraph. The worst thing you can possibly do with your personal statement is to bore the committee member. Committee member’s read thousands of  “I have always wanted…” introductory paragraphs, they are looking for essays that grab their attention. Make sure if you use an anecdote that it relates to the topic of your personal essay.

Now that you have completed a 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd draft of your essay, it is time to start revising it. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the content of your essay, to make sure it sounds exactly the way you want:

  • Does the introductory paragraph grab the reader’s attention?
  • Is the topic interesting, does it keep your attention?
  • Does it portray you in a positive light?
  • Are you being honest?
  • Does the essay give insight into who you are?
  • Did you use proper grammar?

When you write your final draft, make sure you correct any grammar errors, sloppiness, or any false personalities that you may have portrayed in your essay. Make sure you answer all of the questions that are asked on your application. No matter how well you write your essay, if you do not answer their question or questions, your application will not be considered. Relying on good personal essay examples can help you stay on the right track with writing your own essay.