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Nursing Cover Letter ExamplesWhat is a nursing cover letter?
As in all fields, a good cover letter is the key to a nursing career. This is the first thing a prospective employer looks at; and if that is of bad quality, he will not even bother to look at anything else in the package. Besides, employers read hundreds of cover letters and resumes each day, so you must take the time to write one that stands out from the rest.

Nursing Cover Letter Examples

#1 Sample Nursing Cover Letter
Dear Mr. Smith,

I wish to apply for senior nurse in HT Hospital. I believe my experiences and passion would help me.

As nursing practitioner, I understand that a nurse’s job is not easy and involves many challenges. But I am sure I could overcome it. In the past three years, I worked in QW Hospitals as senior nurse, handling different emergencies. I worked mainly in the childcare units in my previous position so I believe that I can do this job as senior nurse of the hospital’s children unit.

In the past two months, I have studied the continuous courses and renewed my certification. I am therefore sure I can serve your patients well. So please kindly allow me the opportunity to work in this hospital so I can continue serving patients who need help.

Please check and read my attached resume. I look forward to reading your response. Thank you very much.


Mary James

#2 Sample Nursing Cover Letter
Dear Professor Swing,

My name is Jack Jackson and I am applying for the EMT position in your hospital. I have been working for several years as EMT of different hospitals, and I believe that with such experience I can cope with whatever challenges I will meet in yours.

I have always been regarded as somebody who exercises great care. My EMT trainer commented that I can handle emergencies carefully and with a calm mind. That is why I believe I meet the your hospital’s requirement for one who is always careful at work.

I have applied myself to learning constantly in order to update my technological and other skills in the field. I have passed the certification exams and I am willing to undergo additional training at your hospital when you hire me. So please kindly consider my application and grant me an opportunity to serve all the patients who need my help. Take time to read my resume. You may contact me by email or by phone. I am always ready to receive positive replies from you.

Thank you so much.

Yours truly,

Jack Jackson

What makes the cover letter a good one?
In each sample nursing cover letter, the applicant was very specific about the position desired (senior nurse, EMT position); where worked (childcare), certifications (Jack passed them all), and what other things qualified her/him. Both also used polite language in requesting, not demanding, that the receiver read their resumes and consider them as possibilities. A prospective employer who read either cover letter would surely be willing to at least give the candidate the benefit of the doubt.

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