Narrative Essay Examples

Narrative essays are much like telling a story that has a main point or plot. So you can think of it as a story told for a specific reason. It is usually told in chronological order, and the plot of the essay is usually stated in the first sentence. It can be written like a dialogue but be sure you include details and vivid descriptions to capture the reader’s attention. There are four different compositions that can be used to write a narrative essay.

  • Exposition – this gives the reader information about several topics.
  • Description – gives the reader details about characteristics and traits.
  • Argument – you are trying to convince the reader of something pertaining to your topic.
  • Narration – usually tells a story from one person’s point of view.

Some narrative essays can be quite long, so the college essay examples below are the opening paragraphs only, but should be enough to give you an idea of how to write your own essay.

Narrative Essay Example 1

Looking back on my childhood and all of the memories that I have, I cannot choose just one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Being the child of an Army Captain, I got to travel all over the United States and some other countries. I remember visiting the Grand Canyon, and jumping on the bed at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. But my strongest memories are the everyday things like a deck of cards, a piggy bank, or my favorite ice cream flavor. There is one memory that sticks out above all the rest, and it was not a day of big importance. I was standing on the playground of my elementary school, and it was a cold and dreary day. I stood just outside the door and pulled my hood up over my ears. The wind was causing small dirt tornadoes or as we called them “dust devils”.

Narrative Essay Example 2

My cooking skills are lacking severely, they would make the even the most wretched chef criticize my bad baking attempts. But looking back on my childhood, you would not think this would be the case. You could usually find me sitting on the counter next to my moms mixing bowl, adding and mixing the ingredients that always turned out to be delicious. When I was younger, cooking was always associated with the holidays, which was the prime time for me to mix chocolate with various other gooey ingredients, and with the help of my mother, create a delicious dessert. The most memorable dessert of the holiday season was the chocolate lava cookies which we used to make every year.

A narrative essay is based on personal experiences and it often forms a story. Using this type of writing style, the writer must include all the steps necessary for storytelling, which includes a plot, the character, the setting, the climax, and the conclusion. It is usually has details that are selected to explain, support, or broaden the story. All of the details in the essay must relate back to the main point in the opening sentence.

You can use narrative essay examples in order to see the various formats, which can be used, in this type of essay. But be sure your work is original because plagiarism is highly frowned upon. The more interesting that you make your essay, the more likely the reader will be to finish the entire essay.