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Good Motivational Speeches TopicsMotivational speech topics are themes on which one bases their thoughts and consequently, sentences. There is no limit to the number of motivational speech topics one can choose from, including those already documented by others and what one can come up with. Motivational speeches for college students can be given during a number of occasions.

Almost always, motivational speech topics are chosen to provide encouragement just before a challenge, first-time experience or heavy responsibility. They are also chosen on their ability to influence change in behavior, thought or belief. Examples of occasions that may call for a motivational speech include: graduation, sports tournaments, debate and musical face-offs, theatre presentation, exam preparation, project planning and undertaking, coaching and training sessions, and induction into the job market.When choosing topics for motivational speeches, it is important to stick to the positive. This means focusing on the good things and anything else that gives hope. It also means deliberately skipping any negative experiences. Motivational speeches are all about inspiration. For your speech to achieve the purpose for which it is intended, talk about past achievements and the hope that lies ahead. This will lift the spirits of those listening and give them the boost they need to take up the challenge ahead.

Good Motivational Speeches Topics

Below is a list of motivational speech topics for college students that you can use on different occasions;
1. Knock off those Mountains with Discipline
2. Boost your First Impressions with Confidence
3. Stay Relevant with Continuing Education
4. Goal Setting to Higher Heights
5. Achieve Anything by Positive Thinking
6. The Winning Attitude
7. Make Hay while the Day is Still Young
8. Fix Today, Leave No Room for Regret Tomorrow
9. Purpose Oriented Life
10. Tame the Tongue and You Never will have to eat your Words
11. Maintaining a positive attitude
12. The Power of Positive Thinking
13. Affirm yourself and others
14. Dwelling in Joy
15. Stabilize your Life with Spirituality
16. Secure the Future
17. Safer Environment, Healthier You
18. Wellness
19. Victory after Turmoil
20. The Darkest Hour is never permanent
21. Getting through Tribulations
22. You too can prioritize
23. Unlock your Creativity
24. Giving
25. Community Service
26. Volunteering
27. Standing in the Gap
28. Breaking Barriers
29. Smooth away Issues with Communication

All the above topics work because they inspire the listener to take action, think or change their perspective. That is the whole point in giving motivational speeches. In college, you are dealing with students who are uncertain about their future, have doubts about success, have self-esteem issues, lack enough confidence, may not give much thought to integrity and morality, are indecisive, influenced by peer pressure, give up easily and are yet to become good stewards of their time.

Each of the above examples of topics for motivational speeches spurs the listener to do something. If it is not urging, it is cautioning. If it is not pushing, it is encouraging. If it is not teaching, it is advising. Your intended goal in giving the speech is what will trigger these specific actions. Do you want to change a habit? Provoke thought? Influence behavior? Whatever it is you plan to achieve, you can deliver it if you use the right words; words that persuade and convince.

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