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How to Write a Mission StatementWhat is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a description that defines why the business exists. Such a statement can provide the overall context for what the business is trying to achieve. Simply said, it gives a statement of the organization’s mission and the perspective of the enterprise’s mission. Moreover, it gives the opportunity for a company to state or define its purpose.

A suitable statement will be the one that is most worthy of the company’s mission and can explain how the enterprise chooses to operate. In short, it will interpret the moral and ethical position of the business. In the statement, it will likely include something about the businesses’ employees, customers, shareholders, and partners; of which, have an affect by the company’s actions.

A well-thought out and good statement would represent the company’s position: to include a sustainable corporate concept like dictating a solution or promoting a product or service. The outcome of such a pitched statement helps market the business. And, it is this that the business strives to accomplish.

Mission statement examples

A statement like this one: “To provide every new online college student with a portable computer with his or her enrollment” would articulate the school’s mission to get more student enrollments. And, a statement like this one: “To ensure each PC user has a virus-free system when running our software” would indicate how clear and meaningful it is for the business to sell their product and the need for the consumer to buy it.

How to Write a Mission Statement

Operating an enterprise without a statement does not give credibility to the business. It could leave the company’s stakeholders clueless of the entity’s reason for existence. All it takes to come up with a statement is a set of ideas and strategies to help formulate it.

To help shape your mission statement, it helps to know what the company does and its purpose. Only then can someone come up with some mission statement examples. They are not too difficult to write or create. It is very similar to a slogan for the company but with the focus on the businesses’ core values that they hold on to… which, reflects what is truly important to them. Just as any business is committed to a set of core values, they are also committed to their statement.

Whether the mission statement is short and simple or is complex and a long one, it is often clear-cut, meaningful, not complicated to read and understand or is too direct, but is somewhat specific and consistent with the overall goals of the business. In essence, it is the guide of its operation; it summarizes what the organization hopes to accomplish and it keeps the company heading in the direction intended.

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