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Miller Analogies TestMiller Analogies Test or MAT is a standardized test conducted mainly for graduate school admissions in the United States. The MAT contains 120 questions to be tackled in 60 minutes. An analogy test may also be included as part of many standard tests used in entry level positions in many industries and lower education schools. The test intends to measure an individual’s rational thinking (or shall we say common sense) through the use of verbal analogy.

Analogy is a reasoning process of transferring definition or connotation from a particular subject to another particular theme or idea, and a verbal representation conforming to such a process. The word analogy can also be referred to as the relation between the source and the target words themselves, which is frequently but not essentially, a resemblance.

Miller Analogies Test Insights

• The MAT is simply a gauge of how well you did on a millers analogy test. Divergent to the general notion, the MAT is not a measure of your academic excellence, a reason why students with outstanding GPA rarely have a perfect score on the MAT test.

• Psychological studies on human intellect and cognitive ability yield that how a person does on analogies signifies one of the best ways to quantify verbal understanding and analytical thinking. That’s why the Miller Analogies Test is considered as an advanced mental ability test requiring analogies for the solution of problems.

• A candidate’s performance on the MAT intends to indicate his cognition or analytical thinking which is significant to his accomplishment in either graduate school or professional career.

• Graduate schools utilize the MAT test as a standardized qualifying gauge to ascertain who gets admitted and become the beneficiary of the best scholarships they can provide. While it seems unfair, a student’s entire collegiate academic career can be absolutely eclipsed by a single score on the MAT test.

• MAT scores lead to graduate school’s identification of candidates whose comprehension and aptitude exceed plain memorizing and replication. This is through analogies using various educational subjects.

• Graduate school programs give high regard to the cognitive proficiency quantified by the MAT to be crucial to a student’s success.

• The MAT has established itself to be a reliable and effective test for evaluating graduate school candidates for years.

If you are one who wishes to be admitted to a U.S. graduate school, then you should consider preparing for it by hurdling some miller analogies test practice. That is the whole purpose of the MAT study guides: to give students the tips to understand how to make good on the MAT, and eventually get admitted to graduate school. One could find MAT practice tests in the Internet. These could help individuals prepare of their graduate schools admission examination.

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