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Sample Medical School Personal StatementThe medical school personal statement is a write-up that applicants to medical school are required to draft. The personal statement medical school write-up has nothing to do with your grades and everything to do with why you think you qualify for a course in medicine. It gives you the opportunity to sell yourself into getting an interview and most importantly, admission slot.

It is therefore obvious that a lot of thought should go into writing a personal statement that best describes you. A good statement is one through which your personality seeps. It should capture who you are, what you are like, your values, ambitions, motivation, and why you are best suited for a career in medicine. A good personal statement should give the medical school admissions board a glimpse into your persona, which they wouldn’t get from other sections of your application.

Talk about the qualities and skills you possess that make you an ideal medical school candidate, how you will contribute to the society, what you already know about medicine, what more you would like to learn, what experiences and who influenced you to want to pursue a career in medicine. All these questions should be answered creatively and in a captivating way in the personal statement.

Sample Medical School Personal Statement

You need to organize your thoughts in a simple, clear manner. Spread your writing into different paragraphs, each explaining a different point. For instance:

(Introduction and reason for wanting to go to medical school – the frame)
When I wore my pink summer dress that morning, I didn’t know it would become a reminder of an experience that would from that day forge a new path in my life. As I sat in bed later that night, my mind kept flashing back to the dizzying activities of the afternoon. How suddenly everything started moving in circles and the next thing I knew, a concerned lady was looking down at me, asking me how I felt. As the nurse would later explain to me, I was rushed in at the hospital after losing consciousness due to insufficient blood flow to the brain…

And that began my five year old journey into learning more about my body. The more I dug in, the more intrigued I became. I was no longer scared of what could be wrong with me; rather, I was now more aware of how the body functions and want to expand this knowledge by studying physiology in depth.

(Paragraph two should explain your work experience and all related volunteer activities).
Helping in simple physio and speech therapy sessions at the local Cerebral Palsy Unit has been very fulfilling for me. I also enjoy and learn a lot from my afternoon sessions at the children’s ward in XYZ Hospital…

(Finish with a conclusion – summary of the statement)
I believe my decision to join medical school has been arrived at after careful consideration…

Medical school personal statement examples such as the one above will capture the attention of the admissions committee because they bring your personality to light. In a nutshell, the above statement explains the circumstances surrounding your desire to join medical school, what you have learnt so far, how you’ve been contributing to the community meanwhile and why you think you could make a good doctor.

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