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Sample Medical Receptionist ResumeUnderstand How to Write a Medical Receptionist Resume

A medical receptionist resume is written by someone who wishes to be the front desk worker at a clinic. The job is similar to other types of desk work, in that a medical receptionist must answer the phone, work on a computer, and talk to customers as they arrive. The most significant difference is that specialization in medicine is needed. It is preferable if the medical receptionist have a two-year degree in nursing, and even better if it is a someone who was once an active nursing.

The challenge lies in dealing with sick people who arrive, as well as the emotional situation of the family. Some people arrive in the middle of pregnancy, or with a serious injury and the party decided to drive themselves rather than wait for the ambulance. The medical receptionist must monitor and manage the entire receiving area, and must be prepared for human situations and shocking circumstances.

The resume itself is like any standard resume, except the one writing the medical receptionist resume must persuade doctors and medical professionals of their credentials. It pays to research the hospital and its exact submission standards. They will require the college and the date of license, and also a thorough employment background. Anyone wishing to work in a hospital or clinic must have a clean record and their history will be thoroughly examined.

A Medical Receptionist Resume Sample:

Very often, the wining resume demonstrates a background in medicine. Any type of experience sells, especially because of the unique demands of the job. Again, being certified as a nurse or having any background in working in a clinic will establish your credentials. The biggest mistake is to not include any medical experience, even if it is just working as a receptionist for the Red Cross. If the applicant has none, it is a good idea to get an education in nursing first. The second mistake is to lie in any way or omit information. Accuracy is far more important to a hospital than any stains on your record.

The most important part of the resume is the objective, and this is one of the few opportunities to let your personality shine. It is important to demonstrate experience and subject knowledge in a few compact sentences. Here is a good example:

“Objective: To manage the patient receiving area in a professional and courteous manner. To listen to both doctors and customers, and to show good will and empathy towards persons in distress. To understand medical situations and have a general knowledge of medicine in order to help people with their questions. To be familiar with medical terminology and be able to fulfill the complex and demanding functions of a medical receptionist.”

While this medical receptionist resume sample is a bit lengthy, it pays to to go on a little longer when the job is complex or when the employer is being very cautious and selective, when medical practitioners tend to be so. The objective allows the applicant to prove they have a very concrete understanding of the job and its specific demands. A person who is not able to write a persuasive statement likely has no experience. A brief and powerful objective demonstrates intelligence and professional bearing.

It is a good idea to hunt down medical receptionist resume examples in order to learn how to compete in this difficult career path. A person who goes to college will likely receive good medical receptionist resume examples from their professors.

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