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Medical Assistant ResumeIf you are seeking a job as a medical assistant, even if you are just out of school, you should bring an detailed resume and cover letter to your first interview. A resume lists all your skills and knowledge about the position you are applying for, and will play an instrumental part in your being hired. A good medical assistant resume will list all your qualifications and skills, which will explain how well you qualify for the job. You will want to be sure that when your prospective employer reads your resume, he/she will notice that you meet the standards for this job. You will want to list all schools and any training that you completed that pertain to the position. If you have held any previous jobs in this field, even if it was providing care for a disabled loved one, be sure to include it on your resume. Remember, you want to really emphasize the fact that you are able to do the job and do it well.

Medical Assistant Resume Examples

The information on a properly formatted medical assistant resume will include the following:

Full Name
City, State & Zip Code
Phone Number
E-mail Address (Optional)

The above information should be centered and typed in bold. All subheadings should also be typed in bold.


The first subheading should be your objective, ie., what are your qualifications? What is your experience? Do you deal with people well? Do you have technical skills? Basically, here you are telling your potential employer a little about yourself, pertaining to the job.


Here you would make a list of your skills. You can use bullets to separate each skill, if you wish. For example:

– Had 3 years of experience working in a doctor’s office

– Excellent communication and customer service skills

– Experience with setting appointments and following up with patients

– Excellent computer skills with knowledge of excel and outlook

Professional History

This is where you would list all the places that you worked, preferably work that is pertaining to the position you are seeking. List the dates of when you started to when you stopped, or if still working, type “present.” Always use your newest job first and your oldest job last. For Example:

Medical Assistant

Dr. Goode’s Medical Center

June 2009 – present
My responsibilities include weighing patients, taking temperatures, blood pressure, etc. I am also responsible for drawing blood and urine samples and taking them to the lab. It is my duty to make sure that patients are kept as comfortable as possible for the condition that they are in.

Medical Assistant

The General Hospital

May 2008 – June 2009
My duties included setting appointments for patients, as well as taking blood pressure, weight, etc., etc., etc….get the idea?


You would list your education, mostly pertaining to this job position. List your medical certifications here as well.


List at least two professional references here. They should ideally be ex-coworkers or supervisors from your previous jobs.

This is a basic layout of a resume should look like. It should feature your strengths in the desired work field. Of course, if you have just finished a school, you will have no work history in that field and your resume will have to be adjusted accordingly. Even then, the medical skills you learned in school should be the main feature. You can also view other medical assistant resume samples online to help you land your dream job.

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