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Medical Assistant Cover Letter ExamplesA medical assistant cover letter introduces the applicant by highlighting the skills and experience that the candidate believes will meet the requirements of the position. A cover letter may determine whether the resume is considered. It should focus on a summary of the skills, qualifications, experience and training that are necessary for the open position. The cover letter should use professional languageand medical terminology where appropriate.

The medical assistant cover letter should be written to speak to the opening; write in specific terms that addresses the position requirements. It should not make the reader work to understand what the cover letter is saying. A good flow of the content will help. It is not just the medical qualifications that the cover letter conveys, but it is also the thought processes that the applicant uses that will be assessed.When the cover letter examples for medical assistant is drafted, review it to ensure that all skills and education are mentioned. If the applicant is aware of any specific circumstances surrounding the opening, and the applicant is comfortable dealing with these, then write about this in letter. Try to understand the position thoroughly so that the cover letter addresses all of the issues. Finally, seek another professional to give you advice on any changes that should be made to the letter.

Cover Letter for Medical Assistant

This letter introduces me and my qualifications for the open position of medical assistant in YOUR practice.MY experience will be very useful in this position because I have worked in a multiple practice doctors’ office for seven years. During this time I acquired the following experience:

• Arranged hospital admissions, made laboratory appointments, maintained patient records, and assisted in scheduling patients according to their condition.
• Worked with difficult patients who believed their needs were not being addressed.
• Filled out insurance forms to ensure doctors were properly paid for the procedures.
• Assisted with lab and clinical procedures.
• Communicated referrals with an accurate description of the diagnosis.
• Managed the clinical computer network and the input of computer records by the doctors. All of the doctor notes were entered into a computer.
• Reviewed x-ray and CT reports for forwarding to the right doctor.
• Performed any duty requested that was in the purview of my license or not in violation of it.
• Answered phone calls from doctors and labs.
• Took the patients’ vital signs and weight and recorded this data in the computer.
• Helped keep the doctors on schedule.

My graduation in 2004 from the Sacramento Community College with a two-year medical assistant degree enabled me to become a certified Medical Assistant. I completed a one-year internship to further my education with practical experience.

MY interpersonal skills have developed from the study of patient psychology and human relations. I can establish rapport with patients while maintaining a disciplined relationship.

I would like to work in your practice because I believe there is an opportunity there that will benefit both of us. I would like to further utilize the skills I have mastered, and to serve your practice with the good skill base I have already achieved.

Explanation of the Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example:
• Purpose of letter is stated in opening paragraph and it’s important for the applicant to want to introduce their self.
• The next section contains a summary of the experience which in bullet point form will make it easier for the recruiter to read.
• The experience does not focus on the “I” word.
• The summary contains key points of experience that a recruiter would want to know.
• The objective of outlining various experiences in cover letter is to develop a picture that the applicant is well-rounded and very experienced.This cover letter explains the applicant’s education and years of experience which is, of course, necessary in a letter. It also addresses interpersonal skills which doctors are beginning to appreciate more than in the past.

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