mba resume examplesAn application to receive a Masters of Business Administration from an accredited college or university is extremely important as admission into a good program is very competitive. Depending on the institution, many will require submission of several documents but almost all will require a prospective student to send an mba resume. An mba application resume should provide a comprehensive summary of one’s professional and academic background.

After reading a resume, the MBA admissions team should have a clear understanding of educational history, employment experience and career progression. Many applicants place emphasis on GMAT scores, ordering college transcripts, or writing essays while forgetting that the mba application resume is probably the first thing an admissions counselor reviews. The mba resume is a key document because it gives the decision makers an instant snapshot of a candidate’s professional experience. Each mba resume should project the unique qualities that an individual possesses and stress the kind of impact one demonstrated with regards to each work experience which led to successful career progression.

While it is important to list tasks and responsibilities performed within each position, this should be done in a quick concise manner. What is necessary to concentrate on is submitting the type of resume that will attract the admission’s team to one’s efforts and ambition by highlighting extraordinary accomplishments and showcasing the abilities that generated productive results for employers that separated one’s skills from the rest of the employees. Reviewing mba resume examples is a good way to assess what schools are looking for in this part of the application process.

Sample MBA Resume

The following are excerpts from of a quality sample mba resume:

Jerome Marks
23 Main St.
Chicago, Illinois 60609
H: (555) 836-2944


General Manager Chicago, Illinois

-Led medical research start-up through research design, implementation, and analysis.
-Supervised a team of 12 pediatric neurological researchers and five neurosurgeons in developing several medical devices designed to help children suffering from brain disorders.
-Developed the award winning Shapiro Shunt allowing pressure to be removed from fluid build-up on a pediatric skull.
-Designed the Shapiro Neurological Exam to evaluate the efficacy of the Shapiro Shunt after two years of implanting the device into the brain.

Research Scientist Baltimore, Maryland

-Led a team of research scientists in studying the effects of lead paint exposure in infants from birth to 12 months of age.
-Developed and submitted a study and report findings to the City of Baltimore in hopes of receiving grant funds to continue studies in toddlers from ages 13 months to 24 months of age who were exposed to lead paint within the same households as the children in the infant study.
-Organized a medical research team of physicians, neurosurgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to form a steering committee to discuss and develop treatment plans for children suffering from neurological and behavior disorders obtained from exposure to lead paint.


Bachelor of Science in Biology Chicago, IL
Phi Beta Kappa

It is evident with the above mba sample resume that making an application as noticeable as possible is important in the search for a graduate school as the process is very competitive in nature. It is important that one make a resume shine a light on and define his or her attitude and aptitude that the desired program is searching for. Perusing additional mba resume examples would be a beneficial step to take in getting a good idea of how to present oneself as a stellar mba candidate.

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