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Recommendation Letter Template

A recommendation letter is given by a job seeker as a testimonial of what they have accomplished in the past. It is written by a former employer or a school teacher ascertaining what the person in question, one who delivers the letter, has done and can do. It can be said of as a praise to accompany the person so that others can see him or her as the former employer or teacher used to see the person. A letter of recommendation template is a formal document format that applies to all recommendation letters. Since it carries the image of the bearer, it should be accurate in format yet avoid flattery. Below is a recommendation letter template that outlines the basics of a recommendation letter.

[Address of the Writer]

[City, code and P.O Address]

[Date written]

To Whom It May Concern: [it is an open ended letter which can be presented to many people].

RE: Recommendation letter for [Name of the Person]

I highly recommend (name of the Person) to you as a highly esteemed and reliable worker. He/She is highly skilled in Computing (or other fields concerned). He/She has displayed maturity in handling her duties for the last (duration) He/She has been working with us. He/She has been an asset in this Company or Institution (input name) where she also served as (input Titles and Duties) from (date) to (date).

[Name of Individual] would be a great asset to any company. [He/She] has proven to be reliable and highly dependable. [Input all the esteemed qualities the individual portrayed].

[Name of Individual] is a particularly good in [input the best Qualities Like time management]. This was well portrayed in her timely arrivals and timely handling of assignments. [Input a proof of the quality mentioned]

[Name of Individual] is also honest. [Mention the quality and how it was portrayed by the individual.

I believe that [Name of Person] will be an excellent fit for your company. [Name of Person] has been a good example to all and I am confident that those qualities will be passed on your institution. Feel free to contact me at [contact info] and I’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide details you may need, thank you.



Name of the Officer Recommending

[Title of the Officer]

Such a recommendation letter template should not hide a weakness in handling duties if it does exist. This is just a template whose fields need to be customized to suit the qualities of the person being recommended to serve in other Companies and Institutions. It must give the necessary details from the writer who is an immediate referee of the Bearer of the recommendation letter. It is among the very important testimonials to prove what and individual has accomplished already and the potential she has for future companies.

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