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Writing a recommendation letter is not really a very complicated thing. However, there are some important things that must be borne in mind by anybody wishing to get scholarships. It must be understood that organizations offering scholarship grants want to make sure that their money does not go to waste. As such, they look for people who have the potential to go the distance.

One way for them of determining this type of people is through recommendation letters. Through it, you provide yourself with a written support from academic authorities whom you were once under. Thus, you stand a greater chance of actually getting the grant.

As such, preparing the recommendation is of utmost importance. One particularly smart way is by looking at any successful sample letter of recommendation of people you know. Of course, your own letter must be original. But by studying this letter of recommendation sample, you will have a great idea how to make a competitive letter.

Basically, the letter needs to go direct to the point. It must also contain positive yet truthful stuff about you. Remember that the letter needs to convince the organization to grant you a scholarship, so it must be impressively written. With this, it would do you a lot of good if you seek the help of more knowledgeable individuals who know you a lot like former teachers, bosses, etc.

Below is a sample observing the most basic and the most important rules of making recommendation letters:



Position/ Department

Office Address

Sir/ Madam:

Good day to you.

It is my pleasure to recommend [Name] for the scholarship that your esteemed organization is offering.

Mr. /Ms. [Name] had been under my watch for almost five years. As his Science Teacher, I have witnessed first-hand the brilliance, humility, and dedication of [name]. Indeed, I have come to know quite a few individuals who can compare with his dedication to his studies.

Furthermore, he has exhibited superb leadership skills when he served as the Chairman of the Supreme Student Council of his junior high. While he was at this, he also joined and excelled in other groups and organizations. I say that this man is well capable of managing his time; and he is also highly capable of multi-tasking while maintaining the quality of what he did.

Lastly, Mr. /Ms. [Name] is a visionary. He intends to achieve more, and the only way for him to do this is by finishing a competitive college degree. Indeed, it would be a terrible loss for the community and the country itself if we fail to support this man to finish his college studies.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that I, with much pride and confidence, strongly recommend Mr. /Ms. [Name] as a worthy candidate for the scholarship.

If you have any questions, if you want more information about this gentleman/ lady, please feel free to contact me through my email, xxx@gmail.com, or through my mobile number, 000000.

Allow me to express my gratitude for your consideration of my letter.

More power to you and God bless.


[Sender’s Name]

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