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Journal Topics for KidsAre you looking for a way to inspire student creativity while incorporating daily writing into your classroom? Daily journaling is a great way to encourage a love of writing among your students without taking up too much classroom time. Journaling works well no matter what age group you work with and allows students to write without fear of criticism. However, many students struggle with what to write about so offering suggested journal topics will get their thoughts flowing and their pens moving.

A journal topic is a suggested subject for a student to elaborate on. Topics should be a jumping off point not a thesis statement, and students’ pens should follow their thoughts – wherever they may lead. Questions work well as journal topics and should be open ended rather than yes/no to encourage elaboration. Various topics can allow students to look at the world from a new angle, examine their own lives and relationships and contemplate the past and future.

Journal Topics for Kids

• Describe your favorite birthday in detail. What made it your favorite?
• What age do you think is the perfect age? Why?
• What makes an animal a good pet?
• If tomorrow you could eat anything you want for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks what would you eat?
• Would you rather be inside or outside? Why?
• What’s the first thing you ever remember? Describe your memory with as much detail as possible.

Journal Topics for Middle School

• Imagine what your dad or mom was like in middle school and describe his or her looks, characteristics and/or relationships.
• Was life harder or easier three years ago? How so? Do you think life will be harder or easier three years from now? Why?
• If you could design a room in your home just the way you liked it, what would that room look like?
• Should preschoolers be allowed to watch as much TV as they want? How about teenagers? Why or why not?
• What’s the worst thunderstorm, or other major weather event, you can remember? Describe it in detail.
• Who is the funniest person you know? What makes him or her funny?

Journal Topics for High School

• Describe a common item such as a lamp, your wallet or a stapler in extreme detail.
• What is more important: facts or emotions? Explain.
• How would your perspective of the world be different if you crawled everywhere?
• What advice would you give a brand new teacher at your school?
• In five years, how do you hope you will be different and how do you hope you will be the same?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites?

The possibilities for journal topics are endless. Younger students need more concrete topics such as describing their favorite birthday or their first memory. Older students can debate more abstract ideas such as the advantages and disadvantages of social networking. No matter what the age of your students, throw out a topic and watch as they learn to express themselves more thoughtfully through journaling.

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