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Any time that you take a public speaking class, you are likely to have to give more than one informative speech throughout the course of that class.  An informative speech is very common, useful and very flexible in nature.  Your choices of topics are broad and there are many options on how to organize the presentation of your informative speech, so it is not going to be nearly as hard to complete your assignment as you may think.  All you need to know is the process of how to write an informative speech and what the purpose of it is.

What Is An Informative Speech

The purpose of an informative speech is pretty self explanatory.  It is simply a speech given to exhibit your knowledge about the topic. You will also want to make sure that you show how well you understand the topic that you are giving your informative speech on, as this is often a part of how you will be graded on your informative speech assignment.

Tips For Writing An Informative Speech

The process of writing your informative speech and properly planning the presentation of the speech is rather simple.  There are a number of different choices to make, but as long as your assignment does not dictate the topic or the way that you should organize the presentation of your speech, you will likely have the ability to choose what you are most comfortable with.

Your choice of topic comes first.  When you choose the topic you need to keep in mind the amount of time you will have to present your speech.  Other than any time limit, you don’t have much else to consider when you choose your topic.  Your topic could be a place, a person, an object, a process, a concept or an event.  Your topic for your informative speech should be something that you know a good bit about and that you understand thoroughly.

Once you know what your topic is going to be, you need to gather the information that you would like to present during your informative speech.  You will then need to think about how you will organize the information to be presented during your speech.  The way that you organize your speech will vary depending on the topic that you choose, but it should be logical and make sense for the topic so that your audience can better understand how the information you present relates to the topic you chose for your informative speech.

Topics For An Informative Speech

The possibilities for the topic of your informative speech are endless.  If you decide that you would like to write your informative speech about a person, it could be someone that has been influential in your own life, or it could be a historical figure.  When you choose to use a person as your topic, you could also choose a celebrity, a political figure or any other person that you have extensive knowledge about.  If your informative speech is going to be about a place, it could be your home, your school, a place that is historical or it could be any other significant location.  Objects can be great topics for an informative speech and there are tons of objects you could choose including a favorite tool, a toy, a vehicle, a piece of furniture or anything else that you could explain a lot about.  Processes and concepts can be good topics for an informative speech as well.  You could explain the process of hard boiling eggs or the process of building a home.  If you choose to use an event as the topic for your informative speech you can choose an upcoming event that you know a lot about, a historical event, or any other event that was important in your own life.

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