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Ideas For An Informative SpeechWhen you are faced with the task of writing an informative speech, the first thing you need to do is come up with some ideas for an informative speech.  Informative speech ideas could be a number of things including an object, a person, a process, a place, an event or a concept.  You will need to choose a topic that is appropriate for the expected length of your informative speech, so if you have only a short period of time, you may need to look into narrowing your informative speech ideas down to a more specific idea than your original topic choice.

Informative Speech Ideas About People, Places Or Things

When you are looking for informative speech ideas that are people, places or things, you have quite a few ways you can go with the speech.  You may want to choose a historically significant person like George Washington, Marilyn Monroe, or Sir Isaac Newton.  When you are presenting a speech about a person you can discuss their life as a child, where they grew up, significant points in their life and the accomplishments that they are best known for.  Ideas for an informative speech about places might include the Grand Canyon, Disneyworld, The Empire State Building, or Mount Saint Helens.  Informative speech ideas that are places give you a good amount of information to talk about.  You can discuss how the place was formed or built, what it does currently, historically significant events that took place there, and what is expected of the place in the future.  Informative speech ideas that are things could include apple cider, electricity, dolphins, or scissors to name a few.  There are tons of things that could be the topic of an informative speech.  You can discuss their invention or discovery, their function, any significant facts about the item, or even future concepts for the item.

Informative Speech Ideas About Processes, Events, Or Concepts

Informative speech ideas that are about processes are basically describing how to complete a process or activity.  You could give an informative speech about how to play a game or sport, how to make a craft or build something, or explain the process of evolution.  Informative Speech ideas about events could include an upcoming event that has not yet happened, a historical event like the civil war or the signing of the declaration of independence, or even a specific event that happened in your own life.  Informative speech ideas about concepts can be a little more difficult to describe but can be more rewarding because you are likely going to be explaining something that your audience may not already know about.   If you want to use informative speech ideas that are concepts, you might consider preparing a speech about oppression, democracy, global warming or the concept of liberty.

No matter what topic you choose, there are plenty of informative speech ideas that offer plenty of opportunity to earn yourself a great grade.  Be cautious not to choose too broad of a topic if you only have a short period of time for your speech because you want to make sure that you have time to explain your topic thoroughly and make your audience understand what you are trying to teach them about your topic.  Also make sure that you present only truthful and pertinent information in your informative speech as this is normally part of what you will be graded on.

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