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How to Write a Research Paper OutlineA research paper is a common assignment in both high school and college classes. Generally, the assignment is a large part of your grade. Learning how to write an outline for a research paper will make completing the paper and earning a good much easier. The outline will show you how to structure your paper and make it easier to organize your research and prove your thesis statement.

Begin by writing the abstract of your paper. Many students struggle on how to write an abstract for a research paper. The abstract is summary of what you will be writing about. It allows your teacher or another reader to know what to expect when they read the paper. An abstract is often used to summarize the paper if is published in a journal or online.

Once you have written your abstract you need to focus on the outline. First, write down your thesis statement, which tells the reader what points you will cover in your research. After that list each of the major points and then the supporting evidence to support each point. The outline should look like this:

How to Write a Research Paper Outline

Thesis: Writing an outline for your research paper will give your paper structure, make it easier to track and organize your research and make your paper stronger overall.

I. A research paper outline will give your paper structure
A. It outlines the order of the points you will write.
B. It allows you to highlight most important ideas first.

II. A research paper outline will make it easier to track and organize your research.
A. When you are researching your paper you can place your notes on related material in the correct paragraph section.
B. Organizing your quotes according to your outline makes it easier to find them when you begin writing your paper.

III. A research paper outline will make your paper stronger,
A. The outline helps you to identify areas of weakness in your research so you can correct them before you begin writing.
B. The outline helps the ideas to flow logically from one to the next.

After you finish your research and writing you need to write a strong conclusion for your paper. Many students struggle with how to write a conclusion for a research paper, because they feel they are simply repeating information. Instead think of it as highlighting the most important points you made in your paper. The conclusion should be brief, but also emphasize your findings through your research while drawing something the reader can take away from your paper.

The outline for your research paper will create a format to follow while you research and write the paper. Many teachers require that the outline be turned in along with the paper or before the paper is due so they can monitor your progress and give suggestions if they see you are struggling with the paper. Your outline should not take you long to write, and will save you time as you complete your paper.

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