How To Write A Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive SpeechWhen you are figuring out how to write a persuasive speech, there are quite a few guidelines that you should keep in mind.  Persuasive speeches are not just your ability to argue your point, but to provide sound proof or evidence of why your view is the stronger of at least two opposing views.  You will have to mention both your own strong points and the strong points of the opposing argument, then discuss how your point of view’s arguments outweigh the opposition’s.  All of the arguments that you present need to be discussed in a way that will sway your audience to at least consider the validity of your point of view by the time you are done speaking, so there is an art involved in how to write a persuasive speech that is effective.

How To Write A Persuasive Speech: The Basics

The basics of how to write a persuasive speech are extremely important.  You need to make sure that the topic you choose for your persuasive speech is a sound argument with enough evidence supporting both sides of the argument that you will have interesting material to include in your speech.  You never want to seem like you are mocking the opposing view in your argument or that you are overly biased about the topic, so if there are some great arguments with evidence supporting them for the opposite side you will want to make mention of them in your persuasive speech.

How To Write A Persuasive Speech: Attention

When you are figuring out how to write a persuasive speech, you need to remember that it is extremely important to make it interesting.  By nature, persuasive speeches can be very boring for the audience unless they are well written and well presented.  You can use humor to keep your audience’s attention.  The humor that you use does need to be used sparingly and it needs to be related to the topic that you are using for your persuasive speech or it could actually hurt the quality of your speech.

How To Write A Persuasive Speech: Your Presentation

Due to the fact that persuasive speeches can become boring to the audience, you need to be very careful about your presentation of the speech.  When you are figuring out how to write a persuasive speech, you will be able to see how you need to move from one point to the next smoothly and keep the momentum of the presentation going.  Your tone of voice is very important when you are presenting as well.  You should make sure that you are using inflections in your speech so that you do not seem like you are being monotone and losing the interest of your audience.  Be sure that you are not pausing in areas of the speech that you should not, or that you are not using any other bad habits like saying “um” during your presentation.  As long as you practice your speech and really pay attention to the presentation of that speech, you should find that learning how to write a persuasive speech was easier than you originally thought.

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