How To Write A Graduation Speech

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Graduation SpeechGraduation is an incredibly exciting event. Some students who are graduating will be faced with figuring out how to write a graduation speech.  Unfortunately, the task of finding out how to write a graduation speech can bring with it some anxiety, however there are a few tips and tricks that can help make writing this important speech easier.

How To Write A Graduation Speech: Things To Remember

There are a few things to remember when you are figuring out how to write a graduation speech.  The tone of your speech is important.  You should make sure that your speech is inspirational and somewhat sentimental.  You do need to be careful with the sentimental part of your speech because you do not want to present a graduation speech that leaves the audience feeling sad, but rather just sentimental enough to drive home the point that there were many great memories made during the high school years.  You should collect your thoughts about memorable events that happened during the past year or so that you may want to mention during your speech at the graduation ceremony.  Humor is often used during a speech at a graduation ceremony, but this is an aspect of your speech that you should be very careful with.  You need to make sure that any jokes or humor that you use during your speech is proper and appropriate so that you do not offend anyone in your audience.

How To Write A Graduation Speech: What To Include

When you are finding out how to write a graduation speech there are some ideas that may help you decide what types of events you could mention or include in your speech.  A great idea is to mention memorable events that will likely be meaningful for the majority of your audience.  Some examples of memorable events would be specific dances or prom, plays or events that were held by the school, and sporting events and games that were particularly memorable. You can also tell stories during your graduation speech.  If you decide to tell a story, make sure that it applies to many of the people in your audience. While you may be talking about something that you did with your friends, make sure that the event you are talking about is something that many people can relate to.  Refer to pop culture during your graduation speech.  You could mention a particular song that was a hit during your high school years, or talk about another pop culture topic like a movie that was popular.  No matter what part of pop culture you decide to mention, remember that it needs to be something that most of the people in your audience will know of.

How To Write A Graduation Speech: What To Avoid

There are some things that should be avoided when you are figuring out how to write a graduation speech.  Humor that could be taken wrong or be offensive to anyone in the audience is one of the things that should never be a part of a graduation speech.  A negative tone should also be avoided when you are writing your graduation speech.  Never speak badly of anyone, no matter the situation it will only detract from the purpose of your speech.  While you can give a little advice, be careful not to give too much advice or you could come off as being bossy.

There are a few guidelines to remember when it comes to how to write a graduation speech. As long as you keep them in mind, you should be able to write your graduation speech pretty easily.  Remember that you should practice the presentation of your graduation speech as much as possible before the actual graduation ceremony.  Practice will allow you to present the speech more easily when the pressure is on at the graduation ceremony because you will be familiar with the speech and will be less likely to make any mistakes that may trip you up for the rest of your presentation.

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